Keyspire Learn to Earn with Real Estate Event Referral Program

How do I get my referral link?

  • You’ll get an invite email from the Keyspire Team for the Referral Program with a link to click.
  • This One-Click link will register you for the program and open up your personal Dashboard.
  • Your unique referral link will be in the Dashboard
  • You will also get an email with your link and Dashboard access details.


What's in it for me?

  • You get paid $100 for EVERY person you refer to the Event, who purchases and then attends the event

What's the special offer for my referrals?

  • You get to offer $100 OFF the price of the Learn to Earn event to anyone who uses YOUR unique link to purchase the workshop.  Give a $100, get a $100 🙂

How do I get to my Dashboard?

  • When you click the One-Click link in your email to register, this will automatically open up your personal Dashboard.
  • You will also get an email with your link and Dashboard access so you can come back to it later.

Does my link work more than once or do I have to get a fresh link for each referral?

  • The same link will work every time!
  • This is your unique link and will always be the same within your personal Dashboard.
  • It’s going to be associated with the email address you use for Keyspire communications. We suggest saving the link to your Dashboard for easy access.

I previously referred a friend to Keyspire and they attended the workshop. Will I get paid for that?

We thank you for any friends and family you’ve sent to our events in the past, but we have no way to verify past referrals. Any reward and/or contest bonuses will be in effect from the launch of this program.

What if a referral forgets to use my referral link. Is there a way to track it back to my account?

  • We’re unable to track referrals back to your account if they don’t use your referral link so please make sure they do!

What is the criteria for an eligible referral?

  1. They purchase the 3-day Event using your link

  2. They attend on their chosen date within 2 months

  3. They don’t refund after attending.

Is there a way for me to track the status of my referrals?

Yes,  through your Dashboard!  You’ll see this 3 statuses:

  1. When they sign up from your link, they’ll show as ‘Pending’
  2. When they purchase a Learn to Earn event, they’ll show as ‘Qualified’
  3. 10 days after attending, their status will change to ‘Approved’ (provided they didn’t refund). 

Once they’re approved, you will be eligible for the reward.

Is the reward in USD or CAD?

Your default currency is your country of residence.  

What if I'm a Canadian and want to refer someone from the US? Or vice versa.

Our US and Canadian referral programs are separate from each other.  However, you can be part of both.  Reach out to to get invited to the second program.  Important: make sure you use the country appropriate link for your referrals.

How do I get paid?

Visa Gift eCard

How will my referral get their $100 off?

Your special link will lead them to a page where they can claim $100 off, thanks to you!

Can I refer myself?

No, that will not be considered a valid referral for this program.

How is the system tracking my referrals?

The system tracks via unique email, which means it won’t allow you to add areferral using the same email address as your own.

How many times can I refer?

There is no limit on how much someone can refer, or how much you can earn.