Scott McGillivray reveals "How The Rich Are Getting Richer Using Real Estate" and How You TOO can get started RIGHT NOW!

Learn the 4 common excuses that could be holding you back - and the little known secret that demolishes them all!

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Learn how the rich are getting richer...

Learn how others are using real estate to increase their bank balances and acquire freedom

What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass…



The Four Ways To Win™

There is more than one way to win in real estate. When investors understand and apply The 4 Ways to Win™ methodology, they both reduce risk and remove emotion from the investment process.

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Cash Flowing Properties...

Discover, acquire, and oversee cash-positive real estate investments consistently. Learn to leverage these profitable properties to expand your investment opportunities, maximizing cash flow and business growth.



Flip to Yourself™

There is more to real estate investing than value added renovations, and flipping for sale.

Scott will take you behind the scenes of how to double or triple your returns on investment properties through proper deal and finance structuring.



Joint Ventures & Partnerships...

Investors with a partner did 50% more deals than those acting alone. Scott teaches how to find and develop joint venture deals and long-term partnerships.

Our student's businesses grow quickly, and with growth comes bigger opportunities. Alongside Scott's teachings get access to North America's largest real estate network of investors and likeminded entrepreneurs.



Invest Where Returns Are Best™

The year 2020 and 2021 have massively changed the real estate market in Canada and unearthed countless opportunities across the country.

Learn how to spot lucrative investment properties, and move into growing markets with decades of growth potential.

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Scott has been a top-rated TV star since 2008. As a skilled contractor, best-selling author, inspiring public speaker, educator, and leading guest expert, Scott has helped thousands of Canadians earn financial freedom through transformational real estate strategies.



Michael and Scott bought their first income property while attending university. Michael’s natural affinity for making deals and his ‘never quit’ attitude allowed him to turn this concept into ‘retirement’ at age 25. Michael has been helping Canadians as a full-time real estate investor and educator for over 15 years.


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3 years and we've grown from 2 homes to holding/controlling over $10M in land and properties.

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kris bucci

  • Member Since: April 2018
  • ​Real Estate Investments: 13
  • Number of Doors/Units: 18
  • Transacted Value: $12,000,000

I was a full time, self-employed graphic designer, and now I am transitioning into full-time real estate investor and slowly winding down my graphic design business.

Stephanie Pinyero

  • Member Since: April 2018
  • Real Estate Investments: 8
  • Number of Doors/Units: 18
  • Transacted Value: $4,500,000