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Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray are combining their power, their experience, their network and their team with the Keyspire proven results method to bring you the world’s best Real Estate Investor Mastermind Program.

The Purpose of the Signature Mastermind Program is to guide our members to their Lifestyle Freedom Day. This is the day where their passive income meets or exceeds their lifestyle expenses. How do we get our members to their Lifestyle Freedom Day? The Signature Mastermind Program and the Keyspire Team focus on three pillars of program success: Control, Growth and Results.

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The Keyspire Signature Mastermind Program was designed for real estate investors with different experience levels. Whether you are just getting started or your are an experienced real estate millionaire, the Signature program tools and concepts will provide a proven framework for your new or existing business. Additionally, your group will have a similar experience level, making the individual and group conversations extremely relevant, and the potential collaborations priceless.

Selecting your current  Experience Level (Up to $1,000,000 and Over $1,000,000) is important to your success in the Program. While content is the same at both levels of the Program, the conversation around it will be very different depending on the other Real Estate Investors in your workshop group. For the best results, we encourage you to join at the highest level you qualify for.

Level 1

In Experience Level 1 you possess our nine member Core Values and your Real Estate Investment portfolio equity value is under $1,000,000. Our goal is to advance you to Experience Level 2 by helping you become a real estate millionaire.


Level 2

In Experience level 2 you possess our nine member core values and your Real Estate Investment portfolio equity value is over $1,000,000. This is value created or managed with real estate investments across the three investing streams and does not include primary residences. 

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Systems Developed For Your Success

Your coach will use the proprietary Keyspire tools and systems to accelerate your Results

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Invest Where Returns Are Best™

Real estate investing is all about the numbers. We teach you how to focus on markets where the numbers show the best returns to maximize your time invested in this business. No longer will you be a prisoner of a 'Hot Market'.

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The 3-Investing Streams™

We focus on not one, but three different and complimentary investing streams. These work together to make a diversified income and growth portfolio allowing you to reach your Lifestyle Freedom Day as quickly as possible.

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The 4 Ways To Win™

There is more than one way to win in real estate. When investors understand and apply the 4 ways to win Methodology, they both reduce risk and remove emotion from the investment process.