Discover what you need to know about Setting Up and Running a profitable Real Estate Investing business...
Learn how to build wealth through real estate investing developed by HGTV’s Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini.
How Can We Help You?
Different people have different needs. We've got a solution for you
Renter to
You are renting and ready to level-up your assets and buy your first (or next) home. You have little experience and can't afford to make costly mistakes. You are willing to invest the time for some additional earned income and a bigger future.
Homeowner to Investor
You own your home and are ready to increase your income and grow your wealth with one or more Income Properties. You are willing to work part-time on your real estate business to earn a mix of active and passive income.
Investor to
Business Owner
You are already a real estate investor and it's time to get into high-gear and expand your business and your income. You are ready to work full-time on your business for massive results.
Systems Developed For Your Success
Our Unique Approach
Invest Where Returns Are Best
Real estate investing is all about the numbers. We teach you how to focus on markets where the numbers show the best returns to maximize your time invested in this business. No longer will you be a prisoner of a 'Hot Market'.
The 3-Investing Streams
We focus on not one, but three different and complimentary investing streams. These work together to make a diversified income and growth portfolio allowing you to reach your Lifestyle Freedom Day as quickly as possible.
The 4 Ways To Win
There is more than one way to win in real estate. When investors understand and apply the 4 ways to win Methodology, they both reduce risk and remove emotion from the investment process.
The Power of  Taking Action
It was September 2000; two guys in University were living on their own for the first time. Like most University students they found a house to rent with some friends and the five of them moved in. They learned very quickly about the new expenses that they’ve never had before, and since their student loans were going directly to rent, they had to get better paying jobs to pay for tuition and living expenses. So they got jobs as waiters at a nearby restaurant to cover the bills but realized that they were adding nothing to savings...
Keyspire Student Success Path
Michael and Scott are obsessed with adding value first.

This is why they offer a tonne of FREE content and support for Real Estate Investors, outlined in this INFORMATION section. They want to add value to you first, before you ever invest in any of our Keyspire training programs.

At Keyspire we know that once you experience the horsepower we can deliver to your investing activity for FREE, you will be ready to join our student base and accelerate your results.
Coffee With Michael
Join Michael and special guests every Monday - Friday at 8amPST/11am EST

CLICK HERE to request to register
Free Introductory LIVE events
At this event we jam-pack as much training and content as we can in just 2 hours. Our hand-selected experienced trainers are also very active real estate investors. They give you a high-level view of the current concepts working in today's market. We offer it for free with online registration. Some of the topics we teach at this event are:
  • Today's Financing Secrets for Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd Property and Beyond
  • How to Flip to Yourself™ and Recycle one down-payment for multiple properties
  • Never buy a losing property again with the 4 Ways to Win™ methodology
  • ​The 3 Investing Streams™ for Active and Passive Profits
  • ​The mind-framing required to create generational wealth for your children and grandchildren
  • ​How to get started in 30-60 days
❓❓Why is this event absolutely Free?❓❓

I’m sure you’re familiar with retail stores offering "free samples," or "test driving" a vehicle. It costs those businesses money to give those away. However, they see it as an investment in you. It's a way to experience their products and services for yourself, which you might not have done, if you had to pay up front.

They let you “sample” the product or service for free, to see if it's right for you. That’s what we do too. With our highly sought after investor educational program.

Michael and Scott, the founding partners of Keyspire, believe in giving FIRST, before ever asking a customer to invest a dime into our training. In fact, we are so confident in our training that we WANT to give you a free sample.

We are very fortunate to have been able to train tens of thousands of investors all across Canada for the past 10 years. And, we’ve discovered that when they attended our free event, they were so impressed with what we were willing to share with them, in just 2-hours.

We’re offering you the same benefit. That way you too can sample our training with no obligation, and then decide if you’d like to continue your education with us.

Do we offer advanced training? Of course! What would be the point of free samples or test driving a vehicle if you couldn’t purchase them? That would be silly and also frustrating for the customer.

If you are looking to start investing, be a better investor, or want to take your current portfolio to the next level, then we can definitely help you get started right away, and support your entire investor  growth cycle.

If it’s not what you were looking for, then no hard feelings. We understand that too.

Either way, you'll love this event, we know you’ll discover something new and, you get to keep all the training and gifts, absolutely free just for checking us out.🛍🛍🎁🎁

Can’t wait to hear from you!
Upcoming Events
We are deferring all Preview events to future dates. These dates will be chosen based on the recommendations and guidance of Health Canada. We will update our community via email.
Digital Series
With the Digital Series you gain access to receive regular investor tools and training content delivered directly to your email inbox.

Get exclusive tools, expert interviews, leading advice, success formulas, special offers, network introductions and more.

CLICK HERE to subscribe
Real Estate Millionaires Group
With over 4000 investors the REM Facebook Group is a Family in itself

This is an online meeting place for Real Estate investors.

If you are part of this group then you are one of 2 investor types:

1) You are a Real Estate Millionaire! You have been successful in your active and passive real estate investing and now you want to both grow your business, and help others who are starting out
2) You are going to be a Real Estate Millionaire. You are willing to work hard, take the advice of others, educate yourself and help others whenever possible to make it happen. 

CLICK HERE to request to join
Real Estate Millionaires Podcast (coming soon)
With the Digital Series you gain access to receive regular investor tools and training content delivered directly to your email inbox.

Get exclusive tools, expert interviews, leading advice, success formulas, special offers, network introductions and more.

CLICK HERE to subscribe for free
The FREE Line
WARNING: Cross this line only when you are ready to invest in YOURSELF and accelerate your Real Estate Results
Our founders Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray believe continued learning is the key to a successful business and a fulfilling life.  At Keyspire, your education includes a combination of live and online learning specifically designed by using previous student success for your future results. You chose your path, investment level and learning style.

Real Estate Accelerator 3-Day Workshop
 Our 3-day curriculum has been meticulously written and is constantly updated to ensure our attendees are always getting the most up to date and cutting edge information. We hold these training sessions in select cities across Canada and the US, and people often travel across the country to attend. It is that good.

The education teaches principles that are universal. They can be applied in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, Orlando, Ottawa, Sydney Australia, just about anywhere. Our strategies, systems and processes have been derived from the knowledge of hundreds of real estate investors across the country and through tens of thousands of experience hours.

The 3-day workshop is the gateway to our organization. Once completed, attendees gain access to our implementation programs.

By combining foundational theory, real life examples and hands-on case studies, the Keyspire Workshop is a must for any real estate investor. Whether you are buying your first investment property or you own a portfolio and want to grow your business, this education session will be the best three days you have ever invested in.
Public Pricing
$1,997 for 2 people
Upcoming Events
We are deferring all Workshop events to future dates. These dates will be chosen based on the recommendations and guidance of Health Canada. We will update our community via email.
Student Education Center
Our online training suite has been carefully crafted with the input of hundreds of investors and professionals, including brokers, lenders, accountants and lawyers to name a few.
A combination of core courses and electives will allow you to explode your personal development while progressing at your own pace. Also included is access to our vast resource library vault of important tools to help you run your real estate business.
Pricing Varies per Program
Time to put your information and education into action. Our implementation Phase is all about DOING! Taking action, getting results, making it happen. In this phase you will work hard, get out of your comfort zone and really add fuel to your fire. Your business will grow, your connections will explode and your confidence will soar.

Investor Summit LIVE
This is a world-class premium 3-Day event that you don’t want to miss!
Get educated on today’s investments and current strategies by an exclusive mix of top real estate investors and experts, all highly specialized in their field.

Meet and connect with industry experts, other attendees and advanced training students from around the Country to build the relationships that will impact your business for years to come.

Also, learn how to immediately implement your education on-site with investment activities, real-life case-studies and investment examples
Upcoming Events
July 10-12, 2020
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Public Pricing
$15,000 for 2 people
Inner Circle Pricing
$1,997 for 2 people
What is the one thing that will make or break your Real Estate Investing Business?
Or put another way: your success will be directly related to how much money you have access to. 
This is why we built the best 2-day LIVE Bootcamp in the Country that focuses on one thing and one thing only: to teach you exactly how to increase your access to capital for down-payments and renovations. 
Taught by multiple experienced certified instructors and created by a collective group of investors that have executed over 100 real estate transactions.
Over these two intensive days you will walk away with the step-by-step model to raise money for your next investment, and beyond.  You will leave RPM Labs with the confidence and the step-by-step system to start the money raising process immediately. 
Upcoming Events
April 28 & 29, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada
$10,000 for 2 people
Lifestyle Freedom Day BOOTCAMP
We have forever redefined the entire concept of retirement with this Bootcamp. Attendees of this event are looking for ‘lifestyle freedom’; being able to choose what you do, when you do it, and not being held down by time or money.

This event builds the path and planning on how and when you reach your Lifestyle Freedom Day.
This could mean the day you travel, spend more time with your family, children, grandchildren and friends. 

The day you buy that dream house or cottage. Start a new business, volunteer and contribute to the community.  The day you are free to do what you want to do. 

However you define lifestyle freedom, this program will teach you how to layout the path to get there, and  adjust as needed along the way.
Upcoming Events
April 28 & 29, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada
$10,000 for 2 people
Inner Circle Group - Invite Only
This space was created for you to be with a group of like-minded people that invest their
time, money, effort, energy into getting to the next level.  90% of people don’t understand this, this group is built for the 10% of people who do.
A powerful place to be. 
This is a place to share thoughts, exchange and explore ideas, and get those “high fives” when you want to share something exciting in your Keyspire journey.
We strongly believe in the concept of ‘Collective Genius’...that is; we are all better off sharing our knowledge and helping each other than we are keeping our knowledge a secret. 
This group is designed to harness the collective genius of all its members and the best part is, receiving quality responses! 
Why would you learn from your own trial and error when there are other people that have already conquered the challenges you are facing (and are about to face)?
How can you take what you have learned and help people that are about to encounter a problem or challenge you’ve already conquered? 
We promise you, the greatest feeling on the planet is helping others LEVEL UP , and in turn others will help you. 
Nobody goes it alone. Nobody is successful on their own. They have a group of like-minded people, like the KIC Family.  Together we harness our
COLLECTIVE GENIUS to get to the next level of success no matter where we are. 

The Keyspire Inner Circle is an Invite only group.
The KIC Group Cannot be Purchased
It is joined by INVITE ONLY
You must apply for and qualify for the programs below
If you want a customized program that is tailored to your needs and situation, look no further. Our team of certified coaches are experienced and practising Real Estate Investors. They are here for one reason: to get you results as fast as possible while avoiding costly mistakes.

During your application process our team will assess your needs, goals and skills and create a custom coaching program for you.

One on One Coaching Program
IMPORTANT--->  1:1 coaching is entered by application only and is limited to a number of students per year. Once the maximum is reached the program will be closed until a student completed their coaching program.

Customize your experience through exclusive access to the straightforward system that started it all.

The coaching program gives you access to the a suite of support tools to drive your results.

Up to 12 Month Intensive One-on-One Coaching Program
Work with your Coach to establish your goals, determine your Investor Profile, explore the investing streams  and build your team.

Success Path Sessions
Our certified coaching team walks you through a custom Success Path based on your individual stage in your investing journey. 

Follow the prescribed lessons and action items that are specific to your path.  No need to be a trailblazer, simply follow the path that others have already created.

Deal Reviews
 Submit your investing opportunities to the Coaching Team for review and helpful feedback.

“Ask a Coach”
Get answers from the collective Coaching Team to your individual questions
Pricing Varies per Program
Contact us to apply for our coaching program and our team will discuss your needs and create a custom program for you
"Personal Growth Fuels Business Growth"
-Michael Sarracini

To Join the application waiting list contact us at
Genius Connected Mastermind
IMPORTANT--->  Our Mastermind group entered by application only and is limited to a number of students per year. Once the maximum is reached the program will be closed until a Mindmaster retires.

Connect four times per year with a group of like minded Real Estate Investors. Learn from the collective Genius of the group. Forge lifelong partnerships and friendships. This is a group you will want to stay connected with for life.
NOTE: Mastermind members must have completed one of our Advanced Training Programs and must qualify including have completed a minimum number of real estate transactions
$25,000 per person for 1 year
Real People. Real Results.
You're Next
Prior to joining Keyspire, we already had 2 investment properties and thought we knew it all. Since joining, we have acquired an additional 5 doors and have learnt skills that have led to our financial freedom.
- Nancy and Peppi
Prior to joining Keyspire, we already had 2 investment properties and thought we knew it all. Since joining, we have acquired an additional 5 doors and have learnt skills that have led to our financial freedom.
- Zeb and Colleen
Prior to joining Keyspire, we already had 2 investment properties and thought we knew it all. Since joining, we have acquired an additional 5 doors and have learnt skills that have led to our financial freedom.
- Michael and Julie
It all started from taking Michael Sarracini and Rae Ostrander’s three day Keyspire Workshop, so many ideas, tools and strategies filled my head. Learning how to be in my “Performance Zone” is a truly amazing feeling. From the workshop, I implemented at least five of the many strategies I learned in the first year. I can honestly say that for the first time, my investments are truly working as hard as I am. My “why”, to retire sooner rather than later and help as many people I can along the way, will be realized way sooner than expected.Thank you, Keyspire! I owe everyone a huge thanks!
Very informative conference in Ottawa given by Scott this weekend, I came in place of my dad who had to work this weekend and drove my mom, but ended up learning so much about real estate and how it can benefit me in the long term. Mom and I will be attending the course now this fall and are very excited to do so! I’m particularly excited to build my investment portfolio now that I am young and hope to use this conference on real estate to my benefit within the next few years. Thanks Scott!
I really enjoyed the event I attended today in Toronto. I felt that Scott & his team were very genuine, they really did want to educate and help people build their net worth through real estate investing. The seminar was a combination of facts & statistics, tips & tricks, real life case studies, and general real estate knowledge all delivered by Scott McGillivray himself. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and thought it was a great stepping-stone into real estate investment.
I attended the free seminar in Edmonton yesterday, Nov. 2nd. Scott is such a wonderful speaker, very positive and encouraging. Even if I wasn’t feeling well I was able to focus on his positive advice. I want to buy more rental properties in the very near future.I got my husband to sign up for the 3 Day Workshop in January 2015. Awesome day!
The education received, the events and networking opportunities are top notch. I never pressured do buy anything but rather educated on options I never knew existed. Michael and Scott are very humble & great men who lead by example. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My wife took me on a valentine date to the Wealth Tour and since then we have completely turned our finances around. We sold a under-performing property and restructured our finances so that we could live the life we desired. Thanks for the guidance and we are grateful for our Keyspire family!!
I believe Keyspire has the knowledge needed to help grow your rental income business! They take feedback very positively, and correct or improve on that information. I believe in Keyspire whole heartedly, from someone who knew nothing but believes they will bring me to the top. The KEY is that I follow all their instructions and take that leap of faith knowing I can trust in their company.
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