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Meet Your Keyspire Coaching Team

coach pics-12-Mitch
Coach Mitch


Mitch Parmasar is one of our Keyspire Success Coaches. Helping people succeed in life has always been a big motivator for Mitch and he really enjoys helping members learn, grow and take massive action in their real estate journey to achieve their goals! For Mitch, it’s such a great joy seeing members take hold of their education, spend the time to research, learn and build their relationships and close their deals confidently. As he tells his students: “As your coach, I am like your sounding board – bounce your ideas off me so that we can discuss, remember it’s your money and investment so I’ll help you build the confidence in your knowledge to make a great decision!”
coach pics-08-Judi
Coach Judi


Judi Pare is one of our Keyspire Success Coaches. Judi’s favourite part of the coaching is watching people reach their goals and watching them take it to the next level! Judi is known as being very supportive and encouraging. However, she expects you to do the work. When you do the work, Judi is the first to stand up and cheer for you! Her direct ‘Come to Judi’ coaching style will open your eyes to what you need to do next to succeed. Judi got involved in real estate out of necessity. As a single mom for most of her life, she wanted to teach her kids that they could break the cycle of poverty. It is no accident that they are involved in all her various businesses now!
coach pics-09-Karl
Coach Karl


Karl Benson is a Keyspire Coach who has over 20 years experience in helping people develop and expand their understanding of Real Estate Investment. He focuses on not only how to find, but also how to create the investment opportunity to meet your specific strategies and goals. Drawing on his over 30 years of Real Estate Investing, Karl subscribes to the belief that roles are neither one of a “teacher” or “learners”, rather we are all teachers, and we are all learners. The coaching process can be collaborative and growing in the understanding in Real Estate principles, concepts, markets, and techniques is a lifelong endeavor.
coach pics-02-Derek
Coach Derek


Derek embarked on his real estate journey at 22, earning his license and acquiring his first investment property in his debut year. With unwavering dedication, he has since become a seasoned expert in various facets of the industry. As an investor, Derek has developed hundreds of lots, flipped & built homes, and owns numerous cash-flowing rental properties, including mobile home parks. He's coached and trained hundreds of clients in fix-and-flip strategies, property acquisition, and land development, driven by his passion for empowering others to achieve financial success.
coach pics-06-Jason
Coach Jason


As a Keyspire® Success Coach Jason Witzell guides, teaches and mentors students by passing on the knowledge and experience he gained as an investor and realtor through three decades, to help students become educated and informed investors. The most rewarding experience for Jason as a coach is seeing firsthand the progression of a student over the course of a year and beyond. Jason says it’s incredible how much knowledge and experience that is gained as they follow the Keyspire® systems and leverage the community to achieve their goals and become successful real estate investors.
coach pics-04-Damon V2
Coach Damon


Years before his success, Damon began his Real Estate journey as a student. Eventually this experience created an opportunity for him to “pay if forward”. For the past decade & a half Damon has had the opportunity to coach & train thousands of investors how to: buy, flip, hold & rent REAL ESTATE. Additionally, he continues to actively invest & runs a small successful real estate company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Damon has closed hundreds of his own transactions ranging from Fix & Flips, Buy & Hold, Multi-Family, & even Mobile Home Parks. He has a passion for coaching & sharing his experience & knowledge with potential investors. In his free time, you’ll find him either on the lake or on the slopes.
coach pics-07-John
Coach John


John has been a Keyspire Success coach for over 5 years and has been an active member for many more! John brings with him knowledge, experience and expertise to Keyspire students across the country to help them build their real estate portfolios. John loves coaching because he knows that with proper guidance, tools, education and motivation, Real Estate investing can be life changing.
coach pics-01-Annmarie
Coach Annmarie


Annmarie Bordin-Kuch is one of our Keyspire Success Coaches. Annmarie’s goal as a coach is to help identify patterns, empower to embrace change, and help her students grow into the person they want to be and live the life they want to have. Think of Annmarie as your trusted friend and accountability partner who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best, she will teach you how and encourage you to do the work. Watching you break through and achieve new milestones is one of Annmaries’s greatest joys.
coach pics-10-Ken
Coach Ken

Coach Ken

Ken has enjoyed coaching his clients to success in real estate investing for more than 12 years. Drawing from his nearly 30 years of investing experience, and with his guidance, many of his students have found tremendous success and financial freedom. Having purchased his first investment property at age 24, Ken has owned dozens of single-family homes, over 200 multifamily units, and a couple of mobile home parks. He has purchased properties in Utah, Idaho, California, Michigan and South Carolina. Ken has specialized in creative financing techniques, and distressed properties. He has also been involved in the note-brokering business: buying, selling, and originating real estate notes for investment. Ken and his wife, Kristina, have 5 children. He enjoys skiing, traveling, reading, and spending time with his family
coach pics-03-Catherine
Coach Catherine


Catherine Sutton is one of our Keyspire Success coaches. As a Success Coach Catherine guides people through their real estate investing process. She helps members realize their goals and helps them overcome their obstacles to make their journey an easier one. Catherine loves networking and staying in the loop with real estate professionals and assisting Keyspire members with changing their lives through real estate investing. Catherine also loves continuously learning alongside Keyspire members.
coach pics-05-Eric
Coach Eric


Eric Lloyd is a Keyspire Coach who’s passion and purpose is to help those he works with achieve success. With over 20 years of coaching experience Eric understands the road blocks that investors often face and how to overcome them. Drawing on over 25 years of investing experience including, single family, multi family, commercial and lending. He also understands how to help you apply real estate to your specific situation. If you ask about his favorite deal. Eric will tell you about turning an abandon train station into multifamily housing. Eric believes in keeping the real estate process simple and the importance of taking action towards your goals. His favorite quote is “Do one thing everyday that scares you” -Elanor Roosevelt
coach pics-Jordon
Coach Jordon


Jordon is working on his bio!

We recognize that every investor is different. In our coaching program you will work closely with our team to understand your income and lifestyle goals, your working capital and your appetite for risk. This is to ensure that every coaching student receives an experience that is tailored to their needs.


Our real estate coaching professionals consider the dynamics that influence your specific needs when creating your personal Real Estate Investing playbook.


If you want a customized program that is tailored to your needs and situation, look no further. Our team of certified professional coaches are experienced and practising Real Estate Investors. They are here for one reason: to get you results as fast as possible while avoiding costly mistakes.


During your application process our team will assess your needs, goals and skills and create a custom coaching program for you.

One-on-One Coaching Program


IMPORTANT: One-on-One Coaching is entered by application only and is limited to a number of students per year. Once the maximum is reached the program will be closed until a student completed their coaching program.


Customize your experience through exclusive access to the straightforward system that started it all.


The coaching program gives you access to the a suite of support tools to drive your results.


Up to 12 Month Intensive One-on-One Coaching Program

Work with your Coach to establish your goals, determine your Investor Profile, explore the investing streams and build your team.


Pricing Varies per Program

Contact us to apply for our coaching program and our team will discuss your needs and create a custom program for you.


"After watching Scott McGillivray on Income Property for years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to attend the 3-day weekend Keyspire Workshop. I was “HOOKED” and joined Keyspire in July 2021. After 7 months in, have acquired 3 properties. The program & process works if you work it. The Keyspire Investor Summit is the “icing on the cake.” Big shout-out to my Coach, Karl Benson. He’s just awesome !! Even with some challenges that may or may not occur, real estate investing is “all that AND a bag of chips.

Sharon L Brown

"I have met so many amazing people who have influenced me, educated and inspired me to purchase my first investment property. This company is so high Quality and professional and I’m so glad that I joined!! I have made some wonderful new friends. My favourite part is that everybody is so weird and positive just like me!"

Renia Pruchnicki