Reviewing a Contractor’s Quote or Contract

By Michael Sarracini | Feb 16, 2023

Before signing the dotted line, I recommend reviewing your contractor’s document(s) to ensure they include the following information:   This checklist is a guideline only and is not a substitute for seeking advice from trained professionals. All information should be reviewed and amended to suit your personal investing situation.   …

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Investment Diversification Explained

Investment Diversification Explained

By Kelly Mendonca | Feb 13, 2023

Investment diversification is an important part of any financial portfolio. While stocks, bonds, and other financial investments are important, there is another asset class that is often overlooked: real estate. Real estate has a number of advantages over other investments and can help expand the diversity of your portfolio. Keyspire…

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Determine Your Investor Profile

By Michael Sarracini | Feb 9, 2023

An Investor Profile defines the type of investor you are based your individual circumstances and preferences. Each investor’s profile is unique with a number of factors that influence it. Factors that Affect your Decision: Time, Cash Flow & Liquidity      1. Amount of time you have available to execute…

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Why You Need a Real Estate Investing Mentor

By Kelly Mendonca | Feb 6, 2023

There are lots of moving parts in real estate investing, and it can be overwhelming for a beginner. That’s why coaching is such an important part of what Keyspire offers potential investors. Keyspire offers both group and one-on-one real estate investing coaching. Learn about why having a mentor is important:…

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How Much Cash Flow is Enough for You?

By Michael Sarracini | Feb 2, 2023

Scott and I talk about Cash Flow a lot. We even wrote two books called Cash Flow for Life and Quick Start to Cash Flow.   Cash Flow is a fundamental part of real estate investing, and one of The 4 Ways to Win, but is there a minimum amount of Cash Flow you…

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4 Biggest Myths to Real Estate Investing

By Kelly Mendonca | Jan 30, 2023

You know that you can make money in real estate, but if you are new to real estate you may be unsure how and where to get started. Keyspire offers real estate investing courses, coaching, community and unique tools that will guide you along every step of your real estate…

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How Does A Vacation Property Fit Into Your Portfolio?

By Jason Witzell | Jan 26, 2023

Vacation rental properties are becoming increasingly popular for both renters looking to get away for a short vacation, and investors who are looking for ROI (with the added bonus of having your own getaway). It’s why platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have grown exponentially over the last decade. Fellow Keyspire Success…

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Path to Real Estate Investing Results Explained

By Kelly Mendonca | Jan 23, 2023

Many people ask us, “How do you get results in real estate investing?” Beyond telling them to sign up for our free Masterclass where they will receive an introduction to real estate investing, we tell them to get results in real estate investing, you have to begin. Learn more about…

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Determine Your Affordability

By Amanda Bouck | Jan 19, 2023

For institutional financing to be an option, you need to know what you can afford. There are several tools online that will help you. You should also work with your mortgage broker to determine your affordability.   What Can You Afford? By entering your annual income, monthly debts, your down…

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4 Ways To Invest In Real Estate With Little To No Money

By Kelly Mendonca | Jan 16, 2023

You don’t need a lot of capital to invest in real estate. In fact, you can get started with very little money. Many of the experts here at Keyspire began their real estate investments careers with hardly any capital or knowledge. We’re here to guide you to our same success.…

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