Get Involved with Your Real Estate Community and Join Groups!

By Amanda Bouck | Jan 12, 2023

Now that you know what your expectations are, join one online group and one in-person group (or two online groups if in-person groups are not possible for you). Network! Who do you want to be within the groups you join?   Do NOT be someone silent. If people do not become…

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What Is Included In The Keyspire Masterclass

By Kelly Mendonca | Jan 9, 2023

Keyspire’s real estate Masterclass is our FREE introductory course for those interested in learning how to invest in real estate. It’s taught by HGTV star and Keyspire Co-Founder Scott McGillivray, and covers a lot of ground, including the first steps to take to get started in real estate investing today.…

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Increase Your Rental Income – Without Renovations

By Amanda Bouck | Jan 5, 2023

Let’s talk about increasing your rental income when you have an existing long-term tenant without completing any renovations at the property.   Some landlords say that they don’t perform rental increases annually because the allowable annual increase is so small, they just don’t care about it.   I disagree.  …

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What Could Investing In Real Estate Do For You?

By Kelly Mendonca | Jan 2, 2023

Welcome to a brand new year! You may be on the fence about investing in real estate. After all, it requires a large financial and time commitment to be successful. However, investing in real estate also has enormous potential for profit. Keyspire is a leader in real estate investing coaching,…

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Happy Holiday Blog!

By Michael Sarracini | Dec 22, 2022

A Message from Michael and Scott As the season of connecting and sharing is upon us, we want to take this time to extend warm wishes and gratitude for another incredible year gone by. Making the dream work requires clients, colleagues and friends like you who believe in us, and…

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Take Control Of Your Finances By Investing In Real Estate

By Kelly Mendonca | Dec 19, 2022

Many people think they can’t afford to invest in real estate, which is simply not the case. Most often, having the extra income to invest in real estate is simply a matter of taking control of your finances or knowing which strategies to use. Keyspire offers real estate investment courses…

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Calculating Principal Recapture

By Jason Witzell | Dec 15, 2022

There are many free mortgage calculators available online. is a site the Coaching Team and I frequently recommend, as it has a variety of calculators for financing including a mortgage calculator.   Also, I can’t forget to mention the Keyspire App available with our Coaching Bundles. This includes a mortgage calculator, but can calculate…

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What Is Included In The Keyspire Signature Workshop?

By Kelly Mendonca | Dec 12, 2022

Keyspire’s 3-Day Signature Workshop: In three short days, we’ll teach you how to invest in real estate and save you years of costly trial and error. See what’s included below. You Can Participate From Anywhere  Our 3-Day Signature Workshop is virtual, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.…

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Qualifying a Mortgage Broker

By Michael Sarracini | Dec 8, 2022

Last week, Jason shared qualifying scripts to help find an investor savvy Realtor and Home Inspector.   When funding a property, the most important ally you can have on your team is an independent Mortgage Broker.   An experienced Mortgage Broker can offer so much more than your standard bank…

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Image of Scott McGillivray

Have You Heard About Our Masterclass Trainer, Scott McGillivray?

By Kelly Mendonca | Dec 5, 2022

Scott McGillivray is an extremely successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. Although Scott is known for his hit TV shows, he has a passion for educating people and helping them make smart investment decisions and succeed in the world of real estate investment. Learn more about our Masterclass Trainer, Scott…

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