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There are 3 methods of finding properties:


  • The Seeker Method – Actively hunting for properties.
  • The Magnet Method – Marketing yourself so property deals come to you.
  • The Delegator Method – Having other people bird-dog, or find properties for you.


This week I want to focus on the Delegator Method. In the video below I reveal the most important thing you need when having other people find properties for you, and I share a technique I discovered by accident that allowed me to not only delegate finding properties, but allows me to have a tenant lined up before I even buy the property!



Check out a transcript of this video below:
Delegator method is having people now start looking for you and bringing you deals actively and intentionally looking for you and bringing deals. And I stumbled upon this a great way to do this by accident, really. A and the secret to the delegator method is having a list of requirements, knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Because there’s no point in telling a bunch of people or your realtor or anyone saying, I’m looking to buy a property. The first thing that they should ask is what are you looking for? What type of property are you looking for? What’s your exit strategy? Those are all the things you need to know.

That critical path through the Property Profits Blueprint, we need to know that critical path and you need to build a requirements list. So here’s one of my favorite ways that I ever built requirements list is I learned this by I, I was posting ads, so I would post ads and people would call them and then rent properties.

And sometimes I wouldn’t, I’d rent the property and I wouldn’t take down the ad fast enough so people would continue to call. And at first I used to say property’s taken, properties taken, no big deal. But then I had the idea, I’m like maybe these people, I could find a property for them.

And they’re still looking for a property. They still have a problem to solve. How can I solve that? So what I would do, I’d say that property’s not available anymore. But we have others. What are you looking for? And I’ll see if I can find the property that best suits your needs. And the tenant says, okay, yeah, sure, let’s do that.

And they would tell me exactly what they’re looking for. So what I’m building is a list of requirements. And then I would take that list of requirements and I would give it to my property finding network, and then they would find me exactly what that tenant is looking for so it doesn’t waste people’s time.

The tenant’s happy, the property finder’s happy cuz I’d have a referral fee. And I’m happy because I get the most amount of business done with the least amount of time and the least amount of effort. So then I learned to post Phantom Ads, and we have an amazing tool at Keyspire that you might learn one day with one of our programs called the Income Analyzer, where we show you exactly how to do this, how to post ads, and how to measure the results and how to turn that into revenue and dollars for your business.

But essentially what I would do is I would post Phantom ads after I learned that, and I would always have people calling, I would always be gathering requirements, and I would always have that out in my search network, in my property finder network. And so I’d always have properties coming to.

So not only through the magnet method of having people know me and what I do, but I’ve had people actively searching for the requirements for my tenants. So here’s the three things you’re gonna do if you are the delegator. Okay? Number one, have a referral program. Your tenant your contractors your family, anyone that you know, your tenants have them find you properties based on your requirements and pay them. Pay them a referral fee, 250 bucks, 500 bucks, whatever it is. Pay them if they find you a property that you transact on. Number two and I’ll call this one out for your referral network separately becuase it’s so powerful. Have your tenants as finders.

Let all of your tenants know that you have a referral program and have your tenants out there always finding you properties. Sorry, finding finding you properties and finding you other tenants so they can find you properties and they can find you other tenants. Tenants are an amazing resource that you can leverage for a win-win for everybody.

And the third is your realtor. Have your realtor find you the properties, be the delegator, have your realtor find you the properties. We have a network of realtors that our advanced students get access to and they get to, to call them and to get to know them. But if you don’t have that, if you’re not an advanced student yet with us, Then think about how you would qualify a realtor, how you would find your realtor.

Have your realtor do the heavy lifting. That’s what they do. That’s they’re experts. Why would you go find a property on your own when you can have somebody who’s an expert go find that property for you? People wanna save the commissions always, but there’s no commissions usually. There’s no commissions on the buy side.

If your realtor is just helping you buy a property, the seller pays the commission. So have your realtor find you the property. So those are the three ways that you are gonna be the delegator. Number one, have a referral program. Number two, leverage your tenants and your customers. Number three, leverage your realtor.

This is how you’re going to execute a very powerful delegator method when you’re finding properties.

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