52 Real Estate Investing Tactics

52 Real Estate Investing Tactics

The Keyspire Team has curated and compiled 52 of our most vital “fun size” trainings. Every week, Keyspire will send you a lesson on how to Find, Fund, Optimize, and get Results in real estate investing.

Our training takes you through the four steps of Income Property investing: finding the right property, getting the money to close on the property, adding value to your property, and getting paid by choosing the proper exit strategy.

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Small, bite-sized lessons every 7-10 days that give you just enough to move forward, but not too much that your Real Estate training becomes overwhelming and impossible.

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Your first month of training includes

  • How Do You Get Past Being Inexperienced?
  • What Makes a Property Investment Worthy?
  • 6 Mistakes Every New Landlord Makes and
  • How to Avoid Them
  • How Michael evolved his flipping properties business… for the better!
  • and more, more, more…