Proven Process

Since 2010, and with over 250,000 customers, we have refined a proven process that has been the foundation of our members success.

Before someone becomes a member, they will get a series of training sessions to ensure that they are fully committed to their bigger future AND that Keyspire is the right partner to get them there.

Once we both qualify each other as the perfect fit, then we get to work.

Our 12-month coaching program is the gold standard in the marketplace, creating massive amounts of wealth for our member community.

Is Keyspire the perfect fit for you. Discover more below.

Our Proven Results Process

Keyspire Proven Results Process - 1718 x 473
  • What makes real Estate a unique investment
  • Finding time for real estate
  • Finding money for real estate
  • Finding confidence for real estate
  • The Keyspire success model
  • Getting started in real estate
  • Live & interactive
  • Training to be an investor vs a speculator
  • Identifying the next HOT neighbourhood
  • Avoiding expensive mistakes when calculating cashflow
  • Understanding a plan to your Lifestyle Freedom Day
  • Current case studies of actual members' deal structures
  • Getting clarity on the Keyspire coaching program options
  • Discussing your bigger future
  • Reviewing your Investor Launchpad
  • Identifying your ideal investing streams
  • Outlining your next steps
  • Answering your Keyspire coaching program questions
  • Join a supportive, understanding and like-minded community
  • Connecting with your coach multiple times per year
  • Creating your customized plan
  • Building your investing team quickly
  • Going investment shopping at the Keyspire Investor Summit
  • Training on-demand with 8 core courses
  • Connecting with other members in your private group
  • Accessing the resource library

Keyspire Client Success Path


Michael and Scott are obsessed with adding value first.


This is why they offer so much FREE content and support for Real Estate Investors, outlined in this INFORMATION section. They want to add value to you first before you ever invest in any of the Keyspire training programs.


At Keyspire we know that once you experience the horsepower we can deliver to your investing activity for FREE, you will be ready to join our client base and accelerate your results.

ks_masterclass24-01 - 625 x 319

Free Introductory LIVE events

At this event, we jam-pack as much training and content as we can into 60 minutes. Our hand-selected experienced trainers are also very active real estate investors. They give you a high-level view of the current concepts working in today's market. We offer this event for free with online registration.


Some of the topics we teach at this event are:

  • How to Invest in Real Estate Everywhere, from Anywhere
  • Never buy a losing property again with The 4 Ways to Win™ methodology
  • ​The 3 Investing Streams™ for Active and Passive Profits
  • ​Real Estate Expert Techniques
  • ​The mind-framing required to create generational wealth for your children and grandchildren
  • ​Path to Results (Information, Education, Implementation)
  • ​How to get started in 30-60 days

Canadian Masterclass

US Masterclass

Why is this event absolutely Free?


I’m sure you’re familiar with retail stores offering "free samples," or "test-driving" a vehicle. It costs those businesses money to give those away. However, they see it as an investment in you. It's a way to experience their products and services for yourself, which you might not have done if you had to pay upfront.


They let you “sample” the product or service for free, to see if it's right for you. That’s what we do too, with our highly sought-after investor education program.


Michael and Scott, the founding partners of Keyspire, believe in giving FIRST, before ever asking a customer to invest a dime into our training. In fact, we are so confident in our training that we WANT to give you a free sample.


We are very fortunate to have been able to train tens of thousands of investors all across Canada for the past 10 years. And, we’ve discovered that when they attended our free event, they were so impressed with what we were willing to share with them.


We’re offering you the same benefit. That way you too can sample our training with no obligation, and then decide if you’d like to continue your education with us.


Do we offer advanced training? Of course! What would be the point of free samples or test driving a vehicle if you couldn’t purchase them? That would be silly and also frustrating for the customer.


If you are looking to start investing, be a better investor, or want to take your current portfolio to the next level, then we can help you get started right away, and support your entire investor growth cycle.


If it’s not what you were looking for, then no hard feelings. We understand that too.


Either way, you'll love this event! We know you’ll discover something new, and you get to keep all the training and gifts absolutely free just for checking us out.


Can’t wait to hear from you!

Upcoming Events

Real Estate Masterclass
by Scott McGillivray
For Canada Visit:
to Learn More and Register


For USA Visit:
to Learn More and Register


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Real Estate Millionaires Group


With over 20,000 investors the REM Facebook Group is a Family in itself.


This is an online meeting place for Real Estate investors.


If you are part of this group then you are one of two investor types:


1) You are a Real Estate Millionaire! You have been successful in your active and passive real estate investing and now you want to both grow your business, and help others who are starting out.



2) You are going to be a Real Estate Millionaire. You are willing to work hard, take the advice of others, educate yourself and help others whenever possible to make it happen.


Request to join here.

The FREE Line

WARNING: Cross this line only when you are ready to invest in YOURSELF and accelerate your Real Estate results!


Our founders Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray believe continued learning is the key to a successful business and a fulfilling life.

At Keyspire, your education includes a combination of live and online learning specifically designed by using previous client success for your future results.

You chose your path, investment level, and learning style.


KS Bootcamp Logos-RBjan0224v1-wide-300ppi

The Virtual Live Event


Our virtual event curriculum has been meticulously written and is constantly updated to ensure our attendees are always getting the most up-to-date and cutting-edge information.


We previously held these training sessions in select cities across Canada and the US, and people often travelled across the country to attend. It is that good!


We've adapted that experience into a Virtual Event you can participate in from ANYWHERE in Canada and the US!


The education teaches principles that are universal. They can be applied in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, Orlando, Ottawa, Sydney Australia, and just about anywhere.


Our strategies, systems, and processes have been derived from the knowledge of hundreds of real estate investors across the country and through tens of thousands of experience hours.


The Keyspire Bootcamp is the gateway to our organization. Once completed, attendees gain access to our implementation programs.


By combining foundational theory, real-life examples, and hands-on case studies, the Bootcamp is a must for any real estate investor.


Whether you are buying your first investment property or you own a portfolio and want to grow your business, this education session will be the best days you have ever invested in.


Upcoming Events

Space and availability for our next Bootcamp is available on the website:

For Canada Visit:
to learn more, check available dates and join the Bootcamp


For USA Visit:
to learn more, check available dates and join the Bootcamp


NOW ONLY: $297

Member Education Center


Our online training suite has been carefully crafted with the input of hundreds of investors and professionals, including brokers, lenders, accountants and lawyers to name a few.


A combination of core courses and electives will allow you to explode your personal development while progressing at your own pace.


Also included is access to our vast resource library vault of important tools to help you run your real estate business.


Pricing Varies per Program


You must apply for and qualify for the programs below


Time to put your information and education into action.

Our Implementation Phase is all about DOING!

Taking action, getting results, making it happen.

In this phase, you will work hard, get out of your comfort zone and really add fuel to your fire.

Your business will grow, your connections will explode and your confidence will soar.

Keyspire Signature Mastermind Program


Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray are combining their expertise, network, and their team with the Keyspire proven results method to bring you the world’s premier Real Estate Investor Mastermind Program.


This is your roadmap to your Lifestyle Freedom Day—the day where your passive income surpasses your lifestyle expenses.


We achieve this by focusing on three pillars of success:

  • Control: Gain mastery over your investments through expert guidance and proprietary tools.
  • Growth: Cultivate a diversified portfolio across three complementary investing streams.
  • Results: Apply the proven 4 Ways To Win™ methodology to minimize risk and maximize returns.


Upcoming Program

Learn more about the program and apply here.

Keyspire Investor Summit LIVE


This is a World-Class Premium 3-Day Event that you don’t want to miss!


Get educated on today’s investments and current strategies by an exclusive mix of top real estate investors and experts, all highly specialized in their field.


Meet and connect with industry experts, other attendees and coaching clients from North America to build the relationships that will impact your business for years to come.


Also, learn how to immediately implement your education on-site with investment opportunities, real-life case-studies and investment examples.


Upcoming Events

Contact our Team for availability -

Inner Circle Group - Invite Only


This space was created for you to be with a group of like-minded people that invest their time, money, effort, energy into getting to the next level.


90% of people don’t understand this. This group is built for the 10% of people who do.


A powerful place to be.


This is a place to share thoughts, exchange and explore ideas, and get those “high fives” when you want to share something exciting in your Keyspire journey.


We strongly believe in the concept of ‘Collective Genius’...that is; we are all better off sharing our knowledge and helping each other than we are keeping our knowledge a secret.


This group is designed to harness the collective genius of all its members and the best part is, receiving quality responses!


Why would you learn from your own trial and error when there are other people that have already conquered the challenges you are facing (and are about to face)?


We promise you, the greatest feeling on the planet is helping others LEVEL UP, and in turn others will help you.

Nobody goes it alone. Nobody is successful on their own. They have a group of like-minded people, like the KIC Family.


Together we harness our COLLECTIVE GENIUS to get to the next level of success no matter where we are.


The Keyspire Inner Circle is an Invite only group.


The KIC Group Cannot be Purchased It is joined by INVITE ONLY


We recognize that every investor is different.

In our Mastermind program, you will work closely with our team to understand your income and lifestyle goals, your working capital, and your appetite for risk. This is to ensure that every coaching student receives an experience that is tailored to their needs.

Our real estate coaches consider the dynamics that influence your specific needs when creating your personal Real Estate Investing playbook.

If you want a customized program that is tailored to your needs and situation, look no further. Our team of certified professional coaches are experienced and practicing Real Estate Investors. They are here for one reason: to get you results as fast as possible while avoiding costly mistakes.

During your application process, our team will assess your needs, goals, and skills and create a custom program for you.

One-on-One Coaching Program


IMPORTANT: One-on-One Coaching is entered by application only and is limited to a number of students per year. Once the maximum is reached the program will be closed until a student completed their coaching program.


Customize your experience through exclusive access to the straightforward system that started it all.


The coaching program gives you access to the a suite of support tools to drive your results.


Up to 12 Month Intensive One-on-One Coaching Program

Work with your Coach to establish your goals, determine your Investor Profile, explore the investing streams and build your team.


Pricing Varies per Program

Contact us to apply for our coaching program and our team will discuss your needs and create a custom program for you.


Phone: 1-888-556-2244