Our People

Message from Michael Sarracini, CEO

I can confidently say that unique teamwork is a secret ingredient to any company's success. Occasionally you get a combination of people that is both rare and unique, that cannot be duplicated or imitated, that combines to equal greater than the sum of its parts.

At Keyspire, we are proud of our unique team. This carefully curated group of talented people from across Canada and the United States is responsible for all our massive successes. We share a set of specific core values that guide our teamwork. We all contribute our individual talents and unique abilities for one purpose: To put people in control of their future by removing the mystery of real estate investing.

In unifying around this singular focus, we can move faster, create bigger, and have more fun than anyone else in the marketplace. We can uniquely serve our members and maximize our impact on the world. We stick together, we trust each other, and we collaborate to achieve great things.

Michael Sarracini

This is Keyspire

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Our Core Values

Our core values are extremely important to us. These core values define our culture, and they guide how we hire, recognize, reward, and celebrate people.

I’ll do it

We don’t hesitate to volunteer and say “I’ll do it!”. We depend on each other and are dependable in return. We always Add Value First and do what it takes to get the job done!

Customer Experience Champions
We champion a customer-centric culture. We always ask ourselves “what's right for the customer” when making decisions. We approach every situation with compassion and empathy, going above and beyond to help. We value loyalty and love a sense of Community. We are successful when our customers are successful.

Be yourself

We say what we believe, and do what we say. We are open & honest with each other, and always operate with integrity.

All In

We are enthusiastically dedicated to our mission. We are loyal to each other and bring passion to our work and the results we produce, leaving any cynicism or entitlement out of it.

Embrace Change

We are curious of what’s possible. We balance innovation with stability and don’t default to “how it’s always been done”. We enjoy growing through personal self-improvement.


If you align with these core values, want to positively impact people’s lives and have fun working with a unique team of professionals, check out our open positions.

We realize that our success starts with treating you like the star that you are. Below are some of the perks of joining the team:

  • A flexible and competitive benefits plan
  • A unique and award-winning employee experience program
  • An employee management program that puts you in control and avoids the dreaded micromanaging
  • Manager coaching and feedback to help you excel in your role and grow professionally
  • Access to our world-class training programs, events, publications, and videos
  • Insightful personal assessments to help you identify and unlock your financial potential
  • Access to exclusive Keyspire investment opportunities
  • Casual dress attire on non-event days
  • Flexible work environment including regular work-from-home days
  • Flexible work hours and schedule on non-event days
  • Fun corporate team event and community support days
  • A supportive work environment where you can be your best every day
  • We care about the health, safety and the mental well-being of our employees

That’s all great, but it’s more important WHY being a part of this team will create a happy and fulfilling career for you and allow you to contribute to a bigger cause that will leave the world a better place.

Our three pillars of Team Members Personal Fulfilment

  1. Exceptional Members: As a Keyspire team member you will play a key role in dramatically improving people’s lives. Our clients are extraordinary individuals who, because of their involvement in the Keyspire Programs, will go on to do remarkable things in their lives and businesses. They create stability and control for themselves and the generations who follow them.
  2. Extraordinary Culture: As a company that teaches Lifestyle Freedom through real estate investing, we take a lot of pride in cultivating an extraordinary culture. We walk the walk and are constantly supporting our team members in their own learning, growth, and real estate investing success as we grow and innovate as a unique company.
  3. Community Contribution and Support: We allocate a portion of our success to important community initiatives. From providing meals for children, tackling the national affordable housing issues, supporting mental health and additional initiatives to reduction of our carbon footprint and providing funding for critical hospital equipment, Keyspire cares about its impact on the world around us.