Finding Passive Appreciation

find passive appreciation
Whether you are flipping, flipping to yourself, or selling, you need to understand the value of your property to help you make informed decisions.


There are a few different ways you can obtain this information without contacting a realtor or appraiser.


Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) publishes an annual housing market report at the beginning of each year that has a number of useful statistics including Passive Appreciation.


Your local newspaper usually reports on the housing market monthly, the information is provided in the form of a press release from the local real estate board.


Detailed monthly reports can be found on the Canadian Real Estate Association website (CREA).



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Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation


Canadian Real Estate Association


National Association of Realtors (USA)


Check out the transcript of this video below:
Hey Keyspire, Jason Witzell here, Success Coach. As investors, when we evaluate The 4 Ways to Win, we tend to focus on the Cash Flow. Passive Appreciation is something that can heavily influence your ROI. So why does it matter? Whether you’re flipping or flipping to yourself or selling a property out of your portfolio, you want to understand what the value of the property is, and part of that is gonna be Passive Appreciation.So how do you get this information without contacting a realtor or an appraiser? There’s a few good websites that you can get this off of. So is an amazing resource for statistics and data. They publish an annual report, an annual rental report, as well as an annual housing market report.

You’ll find it usually at the beginning of the year in January or February, where you can get lots of data, including Passive Appreciation. so every month you’ll get a monthly report in your local newspaper or an online version. They get that data usually from a press release, from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

So it usually comes through the local board and all of the local board’s data can be found on the website. The same with, in the US would be the equivalent, would be the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In there you’ll find again, meaningful data, average prices, and passive appreciation.

Great resources, take advantage of them. Happy investing. Until next time, Keyspire, take care.

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Jason Witzell

Keyspire Success Coach, Jason, has been a real estate investor for over 20 years and is a Licensed Realtor in the Kitchener—Waterloo Region. His real estate investing portfolio has included student rentals, condos, multi-units, vacation properties, and private lending.

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