Which Exit Strategy Should You Use Next?

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As you continue growing your portfolio, you will need to keep considering which exit strategy you want to use based on what is best at that time for you as an investor.


Take a look at the checklist below that outlines which strategy an investor should use depending on what they are looking for.


Buy and Hold


Looking for passive income
Low immediate need for cash flow
Medium to long term time horizon
Not in large amount of consumer debt
Conservative investor


Buy and Sell/Flipping


Wants to run an active investing business
Immediate need for cash flow
Wants to pay off debts
Investor is a contractor
Often has a long term buy and hold goal
Based on these points, what exit strategy should you use for your next investment property?


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Amanda Bouck

Amanda Bouck started building her real estate investing business at age 21. She also worked as a professional Property Manager for many years and was managing a portfolio of almost 50 properties. The knowledge Amanda gained over the years with investing, renovations and property management, brought her to the Keyspire team in 2014, where she serves as the Sr. Manager, Coaching & Content.

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