4 Popular Real Estate Investing Strategies

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There are many different real estate investing strategies that investors use successfully. No single strategy is better than another; it comes down to which real estate investing strategy aligns with your personal goals and how you want to achieve your own Lifestyle Freedom Day. When you partner and learn with Keyspire, we’ll help you discover the strategy that best suits your long-term goals. Learn about four types of popular investment strategies below.

Income Properties (Buy and Hold)

One of the most popular real estate investing strategies is buying income properties and holding them. This means you keep the property in your portfolio and rent it out, with no intention of selling. You are letting others pay down the mortgage for you, while also benefiting from passive and active appreciation.

Flipping Properties (Buy and Sell)

A recent trend in real estate investing is buying properties that need fixing up and then selling them for a fast return on investment. While this is a great (and fast) way to make money, it requires carefully scheduling and planning to ensure you stay on time and under budget. At Keyspire we also promote a strategy we call Flip to Yourself, where instead of selling the property, you hang onto it and capitalize on the Buy and Hold passive appreciation.

Using Other People’s Money (OPM)

As a working joint venture partner, you can connect with a financial partner and agree upon a contract in order to use other people’s money to invest in real estate. This opens up significantly more real estate investing opportunities, and allows more people to participate in the deal.

Short-Term/Vacation Rentals (STR)

Another popular real estate investing strategy that people use successfully is investing in short-term or vacation rentals. With the right plan and a proper team in place to manage the STR (property manager, handyman, yard maintenance), these can be high-income investments. Location is always key, as people will pay a premium for rentals.

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