Calculating Principal Recapture

There are many free mortgage calculators available online. is a site the Coaching Team and I frequently recommend, as it has a variety of calculators for financing including a mortgage calculator.


Also, I can’t forget to mention the Keyspire App available with our Coaching Bundles. This includes a mortgage calculator, but can calculate all of The 4 Ways To Win for your current, and future properties you are evaluating to purchase.

Check out a transcript of the video below:

Hey Keyspire, Jason Witzell here, Success Coach. When you’re evaluating a property and The 4 Ways to Win, Principle, Recapture can make up a good portion of your total ROI. It’s an important calculation to understand because it will show you what your equity position is by way of a mortgage table or amortization schedule.

The calculation of a mortgage is complex, but luckily there’s a few good tools that you can use that’ll help. The Keyspire software is one tool that you can use. It’ll also show you a mortgage table and going to the website It has a number of financial calculators and tools, including a mortgage calculator tool that will also show you an amortization schedule.

Take advantage of these great tools to help grow your business and increase your portfolio. Take care of Keyspire.

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Jason Witzell

Keyspire Success Coach, Jason, has been a real estate investor for over 20 years and is a Licensed Realtor in the Kitchener—Waterloo Region. His real estate investing portfolio has included student rentals, condos, multi-units, vacation properties, and private lending.

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