Get Involved with Your Real Estate Community and Join Groups!

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Now that you know what your expectations are, join one online group and one in-person group (or two online groups if in-person groups are not possible for you).


Who do you want to be within the groups you join?


Do NOT be someone silent. If people do not become familiar with your name, there won’t be much opportunity to add value to each other. It can be intimidating at first, but your network is one of the most powerful tools of your real estate investing career.


This week, break out of your shell and engage in the groups you joined!


Start a discussion by creating a new post.
For example, “Hi everyone! My name is Mary and I’m brand new to real estate investing but so excited to make this change in my life! I’m looking for my first investment property—a single family home that I will convert to a legal duplex. Can anyone recommend an investor-savvy realtor in the Townsville area?”  


Create value by commenting/providing advice on three existing posts. 
Commenting on other people’s posts is a great way to build online connections and add value first.



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Amanda Bouck

Amanda Bouck started building her real estate investing business at age 21. She also worked as a professional Property Manager for many years and was managing a portfolio of almost 50 properties. The knowledge Amanda gained over the years with investing, renovations and property management, brought her to the Keyspire team in 2014, where she serves as the Sr. Manager, Coaching & Content.

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