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Why Income Property LABS?

Making major real estate decisions without the right support can be daunting, confusing and exhausting. Created by Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini, Income Property LABS is a community made Specifically for real estate investors. It is a group coaching and online learning environment to connect real estate investors with coaches, active investors, and resources to gain critical skills that close more deals.

The Path To Results

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It is a group coaching and online learning environment to connect real estate investors with coaches, active investors, and resources to gain critical skills that close more deals.

"Income Property LABS is fastest route to learn what works in real esate investing and what does not"


If you can't win deals due to a lack of strategy, knowledge and support...


  • Outbid: Your offers are always losing to competitors
  • Paralysis by Analysis: Lack of confidence
  • No Cash Flow: Can't find profitable deal anywhere
  • Tenant Selection: Finding the right people


  • Win-the-Deal: Advice on creating competitive offers
  • Confidence: Group support for great decisions
  • Profitable Properties: Run the numbers like a pro
  • Management Expert: Build your team strategically

Income Property LABS is here to help!

New Content Released Monthly

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  • Sessions led by coaches with 20+ years experience
  • Two directed and open sessions a month
  • Content updated monthly to reflect market conditions
  • Analyze opportunities with an engaged and experienced coaching community


Self directed knowldge growth on your time

Explore 4 strategy modules to help you close more deals

In-depth explanations of:

1. Finding profitable income properties

2. Funding your properties

3. Optimizing for increased profit

4. Maximizing financial results




  • Time-tested systems for property owners
  • Actionable "Executive Summary" of monthly topics
  • Valuable landlord checklists
  • Tentant screening and selection procedures
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Income Property Labs

Here's What You're Gonna Get...

$47/Month on our monthly plan

  • ​Monthly Income Property LABS Training ($1997 Value)
  • ​2 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Expert Trainers every month ($1197 Value)
  • New powerful Success Tool every month (with training) ($997 Value)
  • ​Group Coaching Session Recordings every month ($497 Value)
  • Access To Private IP Labbers FB Community ($1397 Value)
  • ​New IP Labs Secrets Executive Summary every month ($997 Value)
  • ​Earn Keyspire Coin every month you are a member ($20/Month)
  • Content Vault: Review previous lessons and strategies on your private members site ($697 Value)

New Content Every Month - Most Recent & Relevant Strategies

NEXT LAB Training Release: July 6th, 2022

LAB Training Topic: Short Term Rentals

LIVE Group Coaching Session Dates: July 13th/July 20th, 2022, 12PM EST

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Your Subscription Includes

Monthly LIVE Income Property LABS Training

New Powerful Success Tool Every Month

Access to IP Labs Facebook Group

IP Labs Executive Summary Every Month

$20 Keyspire Coin Every Month

Multiple Expert Trainers

Multiple Trainers bring you different perspectives and combined over 100 years of experience every single month!

Why we created IP Labs for you

If you've seen the show Income Property, then you know why it is the longest running real estate investing show in TV History! Over 100 episodes of Real Estate Investing, over 100 Million Dollars in wealth created.


But how can we reach more people...

We realized one thing: That if we were going to help more people make more money, increase their income, become successful, reach their goals, follow their dreams...we needed to create something that students could log into anytime and get to work

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