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  3. Tell the team you want to join

This opportunity is on a first-come, first-served basis. Michael will then introduce you one at a time on the call.

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April 2024

đź“ťDownload: Multi-Family Valuator

âś…Summary: Monthly Meetup Summary – April 2024

Weekly Focusing Call – April 22, 2024

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Inflation numbers from the US

  • The US economy is stronger than expected, so it might take a bit longer before interest rates start to drop. What does this mean? Properties are not likely to go up in value, so your buying window has been expanded a little.

Workshop 2 has launched!

  • This past weekend, we had two groups experience Workshop 2: The Funding Building Blocks.
  • Michael’s takeaway:
    • Most real estate investors will reach a point where they will be raising capital. When marketing your opportunity, always keep your audience in mind. Why would a lender be interested in your deal? What’s in it for them? What are their needs and are they suitable for your deal?
  • Program Advisor Joe Coria’s insight:
    • Be sure to come to your quarterly workshops with a “coachable” mindset. Members attend the workshop as either seekers (seeking to learn) or knowers (feeling more experienced). Be sure to adjust your mindset as necessary. As a community, there are opportunities to learn and to share what you already know.
  • Keyspire member Andrew Moy’s takeaways:
    • The Cash Flow Pipeline™ was a great addition to Andrew’s toolbox to help him map out specific targets in the future.
    • Prior to attending Workshop 2, Andrew was experiencing imposter syndrome. However, he quickly realized that he’s not alone in this journey. He came out of Workshop 2 knowing that there are people in the same position as him and people he can aspire to.
  • Keyspire member Deanna Boyden’s takeaways:
    • The continuity of seeing the same individuals in Workshop 2 has fostered the beginning of a bond among members. Deanna stressed that anything is achievable! There’s always someone in the room or community that has done what you want to do; don’t forget that!

14-Day Radar

  • What’s your positive focus from last week? No matter how little you think you win is, it’s still an accomplishment. What’s your focus for this week?
  • Post on Inner Circle for accountability.

Weekly Focusing Call – April 15, 2024

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Weekly updates:

  • Investment Showcase will take place on April 27, 10am–4pm EST. This free event will showcase different investments, which is your easiest path to build your portfolio in The Portfolio Maximizer™.
    • Registrations starts on Wednesday, April 17.
  • Upcoming Investor Summit will take place in September (Canada) and October (US) 2024.
  • Canadian Federal Budget to be released on Tuesday, April 16. What’s expected:
    • Changes to capital gain tax, policy and housing, and corporate tax.
    • Expected to be on track to meet fiscal targets.
  • US Federal Budget will be released in October 2024.
  • The first set of Workshop 2 will launch this weekend!

Special guest Gabrielle Caine:

  • Gabrielle has joined the Keyspire Team as the newest Program Advisor. Her positive focus for last week was accomplishing most of her onboarding process. Her focus for this week is to help onboard new members for a great experience.

Special guest Roy Battilana:

  • Roy’s positive focus: Roy was a private lender and had the option to purchase one of the condos at a 5% discount, so he purchased one for his daughter. He also initiated two more passive investments. This week, Roy is reviewing apartments in Edmonton and getting ready for a refinance happening in May.

Weekly Focusing Call – April 8, 2024

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Weekly updates:

  • Michael led a virtual Workshop 1 last week, and Ron, a member attending the Workshop, had a great breakthrough regarding The Portfolio Maximizer™. If you’re a working partner, and haven’t invested any money to the deal, how would you represent the “Investment Amount” in The Portfolio Maximizer™?
    • Ron’s suggestion: If the financial partner has invested $100,000 into the deal, and the split is 50/50, then insert half of the investment amount. In this instance, this would be $50,000. Although you haven’t invested $50,000 in actual dollars, this would represent the 50% value you’re adding to the investment as a working partner.
  • Tax tip: As tax season quickly approaches, Michael stresses the importance of being organized. As your portfolio grows, organization is going to be vital for your mental health, your time, and your money.

Special guest Brandon Mclaughlin:

  • Positive focus from last week: Working on a firm deal in Windsor
  • Focus this week: Brandon is keeping the momentum going and responding to all the Keyspire Inner Circle members that reached out.
  • Brandon’s tip to all members:
    “I encourage people if they’re thinking about calling in as you said…And I’m sure new members are thinking, Jeez, I don’t have anything to talk about, and I felt that way when I started as well. What am I gonna talk about?…It could be something that’s very small. Anything that is momentum for you, is important to you, can be important to other people as well, so take the opportunity to share it.”


Weekly Focusing Call – April 2, 2024

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Weekly updates:

  • Foreign exchange between the US and Canada
    • For a number of economic reasons, the Canadian dollar will likely be stronger in April and the US dollar will likely be less strong in relation to the Canadian dollar.
    • You can hedge against foreign exchange in terms of the decisions you make for your portfolio.
  • Interest rates
    • The Canadian bank and US fed are looking to cut rates by the end of year. Canada is seeing deeper cuts. US fed might have 1 or 2 rate cuts, whereas Canada is looking at 2 to 3 rate cuts by end of year.
    • If you want to translate that to a strategy, the best time to purchase a property is before interest rates go down and before prices go up.

Michael’s 14-Day Radar:

  • Positive Focus: At his quarterly coaching mastermind, Michael met a potential Keyspire Pro that focuses on purpose-built income properties.
  • This week’s focus: Going through Workshop 2 with the Mastermind coaches.

Special guest Mike Moroz’s 14-Day Radar:

  • Positive Focus: Mike and his wife, Wendy Russell, have been working on an offer for 90-single family homes that are operating as student rentals. Their condition is to create a payment schedule to allow Mike and Wendy to find JV partners without having to raise a large amount of capital upfront.
  • This week’s focus: Get the offer under contract. If Keyspire members are interested in learning more about this project, which is available to both Canadian and US investors, you can reach out to Mike on Keyspire Inner Circle.

March 2024

đź“ťDownload: Sources of Capital

âś…Summary: Monthly Meetup Summary


Weekly Focusing Call – March 25, 2024

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  • Michael Sarracini’s positive focus from last week was the success of the bootcamp test drive, which exceeded the planned results in terms of enrollments. His crucial result for the upcoming week was to ensure that he protects his ritual and time for personal development during his quarterly mastermind group, and to return rejuvenated and ready to create value for his investors and in his real estate business.
  • Special guest Prue Knight’s positive focus was completing her Lifestyle Freedom Day module, despite being laid off from a 33-year job. She also mentioned re-establishing her life post-corporate scenario. Her crucial result for the upcoming week was to have a meeting with a financial advisor to discuss the next steps for her financial planning and to work out the next steps to get her through the next couple of years.
  • Special guest Hamed Najafi’s positive focus: He expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement he received from the community, which inspired him to run for MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly). Hamad also discussed his recent accomplishment of freeing up an additional line of credit of $300,000, enabling him to explore larger real estate investment opportunities. He emphasized his goal to leverage this newfound financial capacity to delve into bigger real estate projects, with a focus on securing the line of credit and moving forward with significant investments.

Weekly Focusing Call – March 18, 2024

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  • Michael Sarracini’s positive focus from last week: Successful workshop warm-up with his workshop group, emphasizing the importance of developing real estate adjacent skills and capabilities. Focus for the upcoming week: Getting back on track with his Daily Habits scorecard and aiming to achieve an 80% or more success rate.
  • Special guest Joe Condy’s positive focus from last week: Excitement and renewed focus on land development opportunities, particularly in the area of planning and design, after a period of feeling quiet professionally. Focus for the upcoming week: Continuing to build on the newfound excitement and learning about planning and development, with scheduled meetings with developers and specialists. Joe recommended two books: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and Start With Why by Simon Sinek.
  • Special guest Keyspire Team member Kelly Mendonca’s positive focus from last week: Successful planning for the sponsorship of the upcoming Keyspire Investor Summit, emphasizing the importance of securing funds and providing exposure for the event. Focus for the upcoming week: Continuing to work on the Investor Summit focus, including a site visit at the venue, strategic planning sessions, and securing discounted hotel blocks for Keyspire members.
  • If you know someone interested in real estate investing, invite them to join the Keysire Bootcamp Test Drive, which will be live on March 23, 2024 at 11am EST: Register Now | Bootcamp Test Drive LIVE Event – Keyspire | Real Estate Investing Education

Weekly Focusing Call – March 11, 2024

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đź“ťDownload: The Income Analyzer

  • Michael Sarracini’s positive focus from last week: Spending quality time with parents and son, making progress in life despite challenges. Focus for this week: Excited about bootcamps and test drives, aiming to bring in more friends and members.
  • Michael introduced a tool called The Income Analyzer, which is used to evaluate the income potential of a property, particularly for rental purposes. It involves two main steps: researching rental comparables to establish a benchmark rental income, and then posting a “phantom ad” to validate the rental comparables and gather market intelligence by interacting with potential renters.
  • Special guest Barbara Doucette’s 14-Day Radar: Barbara completed building a home in South America, specifically enclosing the property for privacy and safety. This week, she is planning to speak with her coach to address roadblocks in financing and real estate projects.
  • Special guest Roy Battilana’s 14-Day Radar: Roy made progress in property investments, seeking renovation cost estimates and clarifying RRSP to RIF transition. This week, Roy is planning to reach out to contractors and advisors for firm renovation cost estimates and seeking clarification on managing investments funded by RRSPs.

Weekly Focusing Call – March 4, 2024

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  • Michael’s positive focus from last week included significant progress in real estate, particularly in establishing a unique partnership with a builder and architect to construct multi-residential properties more efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, he finalized a line of credit on his primary residence, providing him with increased liquidity and flexibility for potential investments.
  • For the upcoming week, Michael’s primary focus is to spend quality time with his parents and oldest son during his visit to Florida. He also aims to engage in personal development by dedicating time to reading books, including a science fiction novel, Peter Attia’s Outlive on longevity science, and a book on risk management. Furthermore, he encourages the community to reflect on their recent progress and identify a singular focus for the upcoming week, emphasizing the importance of making progress in one aspect with limited time and resources.

February 2024


Weekly Focusing Call – February 26, 2024

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  • Michael’s 14-Day Radar: Last week, Michael involved his family in working on a rental property, emphasizing the value of hard work and financial responsibility. This week, Michael plans to enhance his coaching and team-building skills, highlighting the importance of continuous practice and learning. He also mentioned preparing for a workshop and the development of the Keyspire community app.
  • Special guest Emily Gavett-Liu’s 14-Day Radar: Emily discussed her ongoing journey of habit formation, including fitness and reading, which has significantly impacted her personal and professional life. This week, she aims to continue building on her established habits, focusing on consistency and discipline. Emily also shared her ambition of competing in a bodybuilding bikini competition, underlining the importance of setting challenging goals.

Weekly Focusing Call – February 20, 2024

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  • Michael’s 14-Day Radar:  Michael shared insights from his family trip to The Bahamas, emphasizing the joy of planning vacations in advance for the anticipation, the experience itself, and the lasting memories. He highlighted the benefits of booking vacations a year ahead for discounts and psychological well-being, advocating for making vacation and travel a significant part of life planning. This week, Michael is preparing for Workshop 2, focusing on delivering an excellent experience for participants. This includes adjustments to the workshop content based on feedback, specifically switching the focus from property finding and qualifying to funding strategies.
  • Special guests Susanne and Dave’s 14-Day Radar: Last week, they celebrated Dave’s 67th birthday and shared excitement about their daughters competing in the World Women’s Cross Country Race in Sweden. Additionally, their area, South River, was nominated as the Dog Sled World Cup qualifying capital, boosting their retreat business. This week, Susanne and Dave are continuing their fundraising efforts and educating potential investors about the advantages of registered funds, including holding a group Zoom meeting to discuss investment opportunities.

Weekly Focusing Call – February 12, 2024

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  • Joe Coria’s 14-Day Radar: Joe celebrated managing his schedule effectively to accommodate welcome calls and 30-day check-ins for new members, a testament to his organizational efforts from the previous weeks. This coming week, Joe is dedicated to maintaining a balance between work, family, and investing duties. His goal is to meditate daily, emphasizing personal well-being to sustain his energy for upcoming responsibilities, including the Quarter One workshop.
  • Special guest Brenda Shiner’s 14-Day Radar: Last week, Brenda successfully closed a private lending deal with a Keyspire member in Edmonton and is progressing with another for a multi-family project in Cambridge. This week, Brenda is preparing for the sale closure of her primary residence and planning a significant trip to Europe with her son, who was accepted into Oxford, blending personal milestones with business duties.

Weekly Focusing Call – February 5, 2024

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  • Special guest Scott McGillivray. Scott’ focus is to connect with a friend when he heads out West. Scott is also busy filming three shows at the moment. Half of the homeowners on Scott’s shows are Keyspire members. If you’re interested, visit Scott’s website (Casting Call – Scott McGillivray) or HGTV’s website (Scott’s Vacation House Rules is Now Casting for Season 5 | HGTV Canada) to apply for casting.
  • Michael’s positive focus from last week: Michael went away with his son last weekend to focus on their relationship. Michael’s core focus this week is a special edition of the Monthly Meetup called “Getting Unstuck”, which will be live on Wednesday, February 7 at 7pm EST.
  • Special guest Brandon McLaughlin’s 14-Day Radar: Last week, Brandon found a tenant for his property and shared some tips on selecting the best tenants. This week, Brandon’s focus is to keep momentum with a new build project. He has his financing in place and needs to review the architectural drawings.
  • Special guest Richard Carr: Richard is brand new to Keyspire, so his positive focus for last week is signing up and working through the Income Property Blueprint course. This week, Richard’s focus is to share his real estate investing mindset with his business partner’s father and hopefully have him join their team as he would bring so much value and insight having worked as an accountant.

January 2024

Monthly Meetup – January 3, 2024

đź“ťDownload: I Know I’m Successful When
đź“ťDownload: The Success Scorecard
âś…Summary: Monthly Meetup Summary

Weekly Focusing Call – January 29, 2024

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  • Joe Coria, our Program Advisor, led this week’s Weekly Focusing Call. Joe’s energy was high from participating in the Signature Mastermind workshop. He was particularly impressed by the diverse insights from both the legacy and new members, finding value in the shared experiences and perspectives. This week, Joe is planning to implement structured interactions with our community members. His goal is to foster deeper connections and ensure that the momentum from the workshop translates into meaningful growth and community engagement.
  • Special guest Deanna Boyden: Deanna’s involvement in the workshop reinforced her belief in foundational business practices. She emphasized the importance of revisiting and refining these practices, especially in the context of planning and reviewing business strategies. This week, her focus shifts to overseeing the annual audit for WealthShare, ensuring compliance and transparency in their financial operations.
  • Insights from the first Keyspire Signature Mastermind Workshops! The workshop underscored the importance of maintaining clarity and excitement in both personal and professional journeys. Participants were reminded of the critical role of strategic planning, consistent review, and the flexibility to adapt strategies as needed.  The sessions highlighted the power of a supportive community in fostering individual and collective success.  An emphasis was placed on the journey of continuous learning, encouraging participants to remain open and curious about new possibilities and opportunities.

Weekly Focusing Call – January 22, 2024

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  • Michael emphasized the importance of laser-focused activities in growing a real estate business. This week, Michael is focused on and excited for the upcoming Mastermind Workshop.
  • Keyspire Coaches Judi Pare and Mitch Parmasar dropped by the Keyspire office and joined Michael on the call. They shared their personal achievements, highlighting the integration of personal goals with professional real estate ambitions. On the call, they discussed specific real estate projects, challenges faced, and the importance of momentum in projects. They also highlighted the value of community and collaboration within the real estate investing sphere.

Weekly Focusing Call – January 15, 2024

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  • Michael shared a personal story about an interview with a woman from Malaysia, who was feeling behind on her real estate investing journey. However, Michael reminded her that if you’re willing to make progress, then you’re not behind, you’re always ahead. Michael’s focus for next week is hosting a Bootcamp Test Drive, which is a significant part of his professional responsibilities. It involves collaborating with other professionals like Scott, Paul, and Stephen, and showcasing the value of the Keyspire Community to potential new members.
  • Remember to continue filling out your Success Scorecard to see your progress daily!

Weekly Focusing Call – January 8, 2024

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  • During this week’s call, Michael emphasized the importance of building off previous successes, setting lifestyle goals, and surrounding oneself with supportive people. He reflected on his own experiences and learnings, notably from Kevin Hart’s masterclass, and discussed the significance of the supportive community in the Keyspire Mastermind program. He also touched on the value of real estate investment, as outlined in his book Cashflow for Life.
  • Special guest Todd Linton: Todd focused on personal accountability and progress in both personal and business aspects. He discussed the use of The Success Scorecard, his interactions with an architect for a property project, and plans for a short vacation. His emphasis was on setting specific, actionable goals and tracking progress towards them.

Weekly Focusing Call – January 2, 2024

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  • Michael: In this week’s call, Michael discussed goal setting, specifically the distinction between milestone and lifestyle goals, the importance of habit formation, and an economic outlook on real estate. Last week, his focus was family time and playing Minecraft with his kids. This week, his focus is on the Monthly Meetup and introducing The Success Scorecard™.
  • Special guest Barb Sippley: Barb discussed her progress in real estate, focusing on private lending and exploring options with trust companies. Last week, she focused on family gatherings and met with her coach to refine her investment strategies. This week, she plans to set up appointments with various contacts for investment opportunities.  
  • Special guests Susanne Turnblom and Dave Haney: They shared their journey in real estate, including hiring team members for event coordination and short-term rentals. Last week, they focused on team building and setting up events. This week, their focus is on introducing more people to their projects and discussing investment opportunities. 

December 2023

Monthly Meetup – December 6, 2023

  • All progress and breakthroughs stem from the capabilities that you grow and the capabilities that you build
  • Individual Activity/Group Share: The Capability Breakthrough™
  • What to expect at your first Mastermind Workshop

Download: The Capability Breakthrough

Weekly Focusing Call – December 18, 2023

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  • As we prepare for the new year, Michael is encouraging everyone to identify what capabilities you’re going to build to give you a breakthrough in your business.
  • In Michael’s recent interview with Business Insider, Michael talked about the “customerization of your business”. Treat everyone you do business with—your tenants, investors, etc.—as customers and as assets.
  • Michael’s 14-Day Radar: Last week’s positive focus was the Keyspire’s Annual Team Party, and this week’s focus is the Mastermind Coach training.
  • Special guest Chris Morgan’s positive focus from last week was joining the Mastermind community and shifting from a consumer to an investor. His focus this week started great by having a one-on-one conversation with Michael on this call and will continue reviewing Keyspire’s content.
  • Special guest Kevin Spicer’s positive focus this past week was getting back into action and booking meetings with the right people. This week, Kevin is focusing on getting set up for private lending, and book meetings with a broker and real estate agent to learn more about investment properties.

Weekly Focusing Call – December 11, 2023

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  • Michael’s positive focus: Being grateful for the things money can’t buy—being surrounded by the important people in your life.
  • Special guest Brandon McLauchlan’s positive focus: Didn’t get a property in a multiple offer situation, but understands that he has to stick to the numbers and not let emotions take over. His focus for this week is to get all documentation required for financing organized.
  • Special guest Myrna Danz’s positive focus: Got out of her comfort zone and made some cold calls on foreclosure properties. Her focus for this week is to continue making those calls and get financing in order.
  • Both Brandon and Myra are building their capabilities and will eventually get to a Capability Breakthrough!
  • If you need help, reach out to the Keyspire Pros and the Keyspire Community!
  • Want to chat with Michael? Be sure to join next week’s Weekly Focusing Call five minutes early.

Weekly Focusing Call – December 4, 2023

*Please note, player may not work properly in Safari. We recommend Google Chrome for Mac users.
  • Special Guests: Cat O’Connor and Joe Condy
  • It’s the sprint to the end of year! Let’s use the 14-Day Radar to accomplish everything we want to before the end of the year.  
  • Share your 14-Day Radar on KIC to keep yourself accountable and get any help you might need from the Keyspire community! 
  • Don’t forget to join Michael on Wednesday, December 6 at 7pm EST for “The Capability Breakthrough” Monthly Meetup.
  • Want to chat with Michael? Join next week’s Weekly Focusing Call early.  

November 2023

Monthly Meetup – November 1, 2023

  • Other People’s Experience (OPE): We can borrow people’s experience. In these Mastermind sessions, we can borrow each other’s experiences to learn from each other and use that to further ourselves.
  • Personal and Professional Good News
  • Individual Activity/Group Share: The Quarterly Focuser™
  • Resources Sharing

Download: The Quarterly Focuser

Weekly Focusing Call – November 27 2023

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  • Special Guest: Judi ParĂ©
  • 14 Day Radar
  • Opportunity for YOU to join the weekly focusing call as a guest – Join next week’s call early! First come, first serve
  • Share your 14-Day Radar (past 7 days, next 7 days) on the Keyspire Inner Circle Facebook Group!

Weekly Focusing Call – November 20, 2023

*Please note, player may not work properly in Safari. We recommend Google Chrome for Mac users.
  • Special Guest: Wendy Russell
  • 80/20 rule in life
  • 14-Day Radar
  • Opportunity for YOU to join the weekly focusing call as a guest
  • ONE THING you can do this week that will have the most impact on your business

Weekly Focusing Call – November 13, 2023

*Please note, player may not work properly in Safari. We recommend Google Chrome for Mac users.
  • Special Guest: Wendy Russell
  • 14-Day Radar
  • Put your “something positive” where you can see it the whole week
  • Weekly habit commitment

Weekly Focusing Call – November 6, 2023

*Please note, player may not work properly in Safari. We recommend Google Chrome for Mac users.
  • Intentions of the Weekly Focusing Call
  • 14-Day Radar Last 7 Days
  • 14 Day Radar Next 7 Days
  • What’s happening right now in the market: The perfect storm
  • Navigating economic conditions including interest rates, inflation