Be Your Own Bird Dog

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Bird Dog Techniques:

  • Marketing – We Buy Houses for CASH
  • Auto dialers
  • Mailing circulars
  • Public databases (MLS, Divorces, Deaths etc.)
  • Cross reference with pertinent information
  • Layoffs in a community
  • Dropping values in recent tax assessments – underwater mortgages
  • Watch for signs: Builder, Private, Vacant lots, Vacant houses

A bird dog will have a network of investors to increase their chance of converting a lead into a deal.

Casting a wide net to generate enough sellable leads to pay for the effort and costs involved!

Watch this video below to see the property I found using these techniques, and I’ll tell you what I intend to do with it.

Check out a transcript of this video below:

I’m in this awesome neighborhood in Pickering. Behind me is a project that I’m working on, and I’m just going to show you a little bit of the neighborhood. And see what’s going on. You can see that there’s, projects, houses being built over there, whatnot. And I wanna focus on this one property that’s here that I looked at.

I thought it was cool. It’s not in the, it’s in a great neighborhood. It is not a nice house, I have to admit. But here it is. Here was the listing. There’s the little house right there. And see. Can you see the listing there? I think you can see it. Randy’s got that listing back over here. I’m doing really great with this camera, but that’s okay.

You guys get what I’m saying. Here’s this property. It had a listing, it sold. A friend of ours, a neighbor, actually bought this property. And and it’s a dump. It’s an absolute dump, but that’s okay. So we’re walking into it and I’m going to show you what the opportunity is. This house, $640,000, okay? In a great neighborhood, not an amazing house.

However, the neighborhood is fantastic and there’s lots of opportunity here. So I’m gonna give you just a quick little tour of this property and tell you. What there is and what you could do. So we’ve turned this into our office, all right? Not the best property in the world. You can see, but it’s got it’s got a great little, we’re using it as an office space right now.

Bit of a dump. Lots going on. Crazy property. Loft up there. This is what they call a four bedroom house. But it’s not even a four bedroom house. It’s got a a back room back here. It’s got a living room with a loft that they used to sleep in as well. And then, passed the kitchen. Living room.

Sorry. Kitchen and laundry room combination. There’s another house. There’s another room back here. Not a fantastic room. The kicker is this room up here, up those stairs. There’s like a loft. And it’s a crazy little part of the house. They called this a four bedroom house, believe it or not. They called it a four bedroom house because this is like a bunk room.

And then they had the other two rooms, which was just a loft. Up at the above, the living room, and then of course that other back bedroom. Here’s my dog. She’s been bird dogging and checking out the neighborhood. That’s Chloe. What I want to tell you about this property is that it’s a dump.

It’s $640,000, not a great property, however, Everything in the neighborhood sells for about 1.8 to $2 million. So if I tear this house down, spend another, I know Chloe, great house. If I spend another 500,000 after I tear this down, I can sell this house, the new house like we’re doing across the street for about $1.8 million.

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Judi Paré

Keyspire Success Coach Judi's first primary residence, more than 20 years ago, included an Income Suite. As a single parent for more than 15 years, she leveraged other people’s money and properties to advance herself financially by sandwich leasing. Her favourite strategies include: Vacation Rentals, Rehabs, Underperforming Properties, Flip to Yourself, and Development Projects.

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