Determine Your Investor Profile

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An Investor Profile defines the type of investor you are based your individual circumstances and preferences. Each investor’s profile is unique with a number of factors that influence it.

Factors that Affect your Decision:

Time, Cash Flow & Liquidity

     1. Amount of time you have available to execute
     2. Amount of investable capital you have
     3. Amount of Cash Flow you require
     4. How liquid your capital must be


Personal Circumstances & Preferences


     1. Skills and experience level
     2. Upcoming life changes
     3. Risk profile
     4. Personal preferences and perceptions


Its always a balance between time and money 


Determining your Investor Profile is key to achieving success. Reassess your profile as your portfolio grows and remember, diversification gives your portfolio security.


Your Investor Profile is Unique to YOU! 


This chart is the map to determining your Investor Profile.


Start at the left and answer the questions to determine what investing strategies are best suited to your time and resources.



If the answer is “Yes” to having available capital, follow across the top of the chart to determine which investing stream is best suited to you.


If you answered “No” to having at least $25,000 in available capital, then you will have to invest your time and skill as a working partner in a joint venture.


If you don’t have money or time available, can you qualify for financing? If so, you may be able to be a qualifying partner in a joint venture.


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