The 7-Step JV Process

By Michael Sarracini | Jun 29, 2023

“It’s better to own 10% of 100 properties than 100% of 1 property.”   No matter how wealthy and successful you are, whether you own 2 properties or 200, every real estate investor will at some point run out of money (or credit) to make their next down payment.  …

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How to Manage Your Credit Score

By Jason Witzell | May 4, 2023

I’ve had many coaching students raise concerns about their credit score taking a hit when they go through the pre-approval process for an income property.   While it’s true that financing your properties is like a chess game, where you should always be planning several moves ahead, which in this…

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What You Need When Applying for Financing

By Michael Sarracini | Mar 16, 2023

Being prepared before meeting with your Mortgage Broker or Lender to complete a financing application can make the process more efficient and less stressful. Use this document as a guide to begin preparing your personal documents for your financing application.   Note: This checklist is a general guide only. Each party…

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Determine Your Investor Profile

By Michael Sarracini | Feb 9, 2023

An Investor Profile defines the type of investor you are based your individual circumstances and preferences. Each investor’s profile is unique with a number of factors that influence it. Factors that Affect your Decision: Time, Cash Flow & Liquidity      1. Amount of time you have available to execute…

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Determine Your Affordability

By Amanda Bouck | Jan 19, 2023

For institutional financing to be an option, you need to know what you can afford. There are several tools online that will help you. You should also work with your mortgage broker to determine your affordability.   What Can You Afford? By entering your annual income, monthly debts, your down…

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Qualifying a Mortgage Broker

By Michael Sarracini | Dec 8, 2022

Last week, Jason shared qualifying scripts to help find an investor savvy Realtor and Home Inspector.   When funding a property, the most important ally you can have on your team is an independent Mortgage Broker.   An experienced Mortgage Broker can offer so much more than your standard bank…

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Seller Financing and You!

By Michael Sarracini | Nov 10, 2022

You may have heard the terms “Seller Financing” or “Vendor Take-Back” (VTB) used when discussing investing strategies, but what does it mean?   Put simply, it’s when the person selling the property assists with some or all of the mortgage, so the seller essentially becomes your bank.   Yes, you…

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Key Borrowing Rules Successful Investors Should Follow

By Michael Sarracini | Oct 6, 2022

When it comes to borrowing, ensure you are setting yourself up to be successful for many years to come by following these important rules. 1. Seek to maximize access to capital 2. Minimize monthly payments to build future qualification 3. Never waste an easy approval   Calum Ross is an…

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Preparing to Purchase a Property – What You NEED!

By Catherine Sutton | Sep 15, 2022

Proper planning for purchasing a property: paperwork.   Say that three times fast!   When purchasing an income property, our first thoughts usually revolve around purchase price, after repair value, and rental rates, but there are a number of other nuances we need to keep in mind when purchasing a property…

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The Power of Private Lending

By John Brook | Sep 1, 2022

One of the biggest obstacles Real Estate Investors will have is lack of capital.   I have helped many investors over the years solve this problem through private lending.   As a private money lender, I offer a solution for investors by providing financing for their real estate projects and obtain…

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