Have You Heard About Our Masterclass Trainer, Scott McGillivray?

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Scott McGillivray is an extremely successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. Although Scott is known for his hit TV shows, he has a passion for educating people and helping them make smart investment decisions and succeed in the world of real estate investment. Learn more about our Masterclass Trainer, Scott McGillivray, below.

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Host and Producer of HGTV’s ‘Income Property’ 

Scott McGillivray is the host and producer of HGTV’s Income Property. This show is the longest running real estate investing show in TV history with over 150 episodes. It has created over $40 million of wealth for show participants and helped countless viewers follow in his footsteps.

Public Speaker and Educator

Scott is a talented and engaging public speaker and educator, and he spends much of his time traveling to speak at engagements and conferences where he helps and encourages others to invest in real estate.

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Co-Founder of Keyspire

As the co-founders of Keyspire, Michael Sarracini and Scott have taken their years of experience and proven system for real estate investing and turned it into the most robust learning experience in the country. Keyspire offers simplified tools and training that allow anyone to take control of their financial future and start investing in real estate. 

Respected Influencer

Scott is also a media influencer with more than one million followers, and he uses his influence for great causes. He is a longtime ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Canada, helping spread the word, participate in the builds, and support important issues like affordable housing.

An Accomplished Real Estate Investor with Years in the Industry

Scott has years of experience in investing in real estate, having turned his purchasing of income properties into a successful business model by the age of 23. He currently owns over 100 rental properties, including multi-family units. He uses his years of industry knowledge to help others do the same.

Learn From Scott Himself In Our Real Estate Masterclass

Scott McGillivray teaches Keyspire’s FREE Real Estate Masterclass, a one-hour, high-level introduction to his method of real estate investing and what you can do to get started today. If you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate, take a leap of faith with no money out of your pocket, and sign up today!

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