Qualifying a Mortgage Broker

Last week, Jason shared qualifying scripts to help find an investor savvy Realtor and Home Inspector.


When funding a property, the most important ally you can have on your team is an independent Mortgage Broker.


An experienced Mortgage Broker can offer so much more than your standard bank representative. They have access to multiple lenders and lending products, from traditional mortgages to private lenders. They can help develop and work within a long-term financing strategy to help you not only purchase a property now, but also qualify you to purchase many more in the future.


I encourage you to not only work with a Mortgage Broker, but to find one who understands real estate investing and works with investors, not just homeowners.


Use this qualifying script to determine if the broker you are talking to is the right one for you.


Click image below to download:


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Michael Sarracini

Michael Sarracini is an expert on creating lifestyle freedom through entrepreneurship and real estate investing. He’s an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and TV celebrity. Michael is the co-founder and CEO of Keyspire

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