Unique Tactics for First Time Home Buyers


As a first-time home buyer, you are probably intimidated by the entire process. You want to own your own home, but where do you start? The founders of Keyspire, Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini, have years of experience investing in real estate and leveraging primary properties to start a career in real estate investing.


Learn some great tips for first-time home buyers below, and join the FREE Real Estate Masterclass taught by Scott McGillivray today!


Preparing to Buy

When you are preparing to buy a home for the first time, it’s best to get all of your chickens in a row. You’ll want to sit down with a broker, lender or bank, check your credit report and make sure there are no errors, and you’ll want to start saving up a down payment or finding a JV partner.


Mortgage Selection Tips

Take advantage of all the first-time homebuyer assistance programs, and be sure to shop around. An FHA loan in the US is a popular loan for first-time homebuyers as it requires a lower down payment than others. In Canada, when you are buying your first home to have as your primary, you get a break on the down payment. Be sure to look at all options with your Mortgage Broker, Lender, or Bank.


Home Purchasing/Shopping Tips

Purchasing a home can be an emotional decision. We tend to see ourselves in the home, see our family, see our furniture. When purchasing a primary residence, some bit of emotion is good, as long as you stick to your budget. The big difference between a primary home and an investment property is emotion. When looking at an investment property we leave the emotion out of it and let the numbers speak for themselves.


Negotiate the Selling Price

You may be able to save money by negotiating the purchasing price with the seller. Motivated sellers are people who want or need to sell, and may be willing to sell their property at a discount to a buyer who can close fast with minimal contract contingencies. Talk to your real estate agent to see if the seller is motivated and use that to your advantage when making the offer.


Learn From Our Expert Team

Keyspire’s team has years of experience helping real estate investors (including first-time home buyers) win big! We offer the best real estate investment education, strategies, and support that focus on your path to results, so you can make the right investment decisions with low risk.


In addition, we offer group and one-on-one coaching that will offer guidance and support the whole way along. Sign up for our free live Masterclass today, taught by Scott McGillivray!

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