When is the Right Time to Start Investing in Real Estate?


Many people ask our Coaches and strategists, “When is the right time to start investing in real estate?” The answer we get from most of our client’s is – “I wish I started years ago”. Keyspire offers the best real estate investing courses and coaching that teach and support people along their real estate investing journey. Below, check out if the timing is right for you.


You Have a Solid Financial Standing or a JV Partner

It’s important that you have a solid financial foundation before you begin investing in real estate – but it’s not imperative. If you are purchasing an income property consider the money down, plus carrying costs of a vacant property. That said, you may have a financial joint venture partner who can take hold up this end for you.


You Have the Time to Invest Time in Learning

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to real estate investing. There are many ways to do things right, and it’s important you put the time and focus into learning, taking courses, making connections, and building confidence.  Having the time to dedicate to a solid educational foundation is a pillar to your success.


The Market

A buyer’s or a seller’s market can make a big difference on the purchase price of a home or investment property. A seller’s market happens when there’s a shortage of properties available and demand exceeds supply. THIS is the time to focus on your education – the “ER Zone” as we would call it (Education, Relationships) . With our education, tools, coaching and support, we can provide you with an arsenal of tactics to guide you through the ups and downs of the market.


What Keyspire Offers

Keyspire offers comprehensive real estate investing education that will take you through the fundamentals of property investment so that you can begin to set a path for success. Our experts will teach you about how to acquire cash-flowing properties, how to secure financing, how to find partners, how to spot lucrative investment properties, and so much more. Sign up for our FREE Masterclass to get started today!

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