Location, Location, Location!


While many things should be considered when investing in income properties, every single one of them on your due diligence list will tie back to location.

Location, Location, Location!


You can say it three times, you can say it forty times, but that doesn’t change how important location is in real estate investing.


When choosing an investment property, always consider these three things:


  1. Access to employment
  2. Proximity to transit
  3. Amenities


Check out this week’s video to hear how experts like Jas Takhar and Simeon Papailias assess the location potential of a property.




Check out the transcription of this video below:

It really comes down to one thing. First, we’ve all heard the old adage location, location location, and that is first when it comes to real estate. And really any business that you’re opening, if it’s gonna have bricks and mortars location is obviously the number one thing we want to take a look at. And some of the reasons is, is obviously access to employment.

So we wanna talk a little bit more about that Simos, just access to employment the transit and the amenities.

Yeah. So, location, and you can say it three times, location, location, location, you can say it 40 times, pretty much every single thing on a due diligence list really does tie back to location. So when you’re picking the market, you investment in why, and we’re gonna get into how we do things, how we look at opportunity and how we create opportunity.

We’re gonna talk about supply and demand.

Well, when you, when you’re looking at transit, I wanted to speak a little bit about that as well. What, you see in the world, like in world real estate, if you can invest in a place close to transit, values will always increase the most.

And the American National Realtor Association had just published, we shared this in London a week ago.


Published a study of how transit in real estate create value in how they correlate to each other. We’re happy to share it with the entire room.

For sure.

It’s a tremendous study and it will give you the insight to really understand the transit effect. So it’s, it’s a great study and it’s where tenants want to be.

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