4 Biggest Myths to Real Estate Investing


You know that you can make money in real estate, but if you are new to real estate you may be unsure how and where to get started.

Keyspire offers real estate investing courses, coaching, community and unique tools that will guide you along every step of your real estate investing journey.

Hesitation is normal, but let us debunk four of the biggest myths of real estate investing below.

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You Need to Be On Solid Financial Ground to Begin

One of the biggest myths about real estate investing is that you need to have money in the bank and be financially secure in order to begin investing. This simply is not the case. Our real estate investing courses will teach you how to start from nothing and build a portfolio as a joint venture partner.

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The Market is Not Right

You’ll hear this a lot in the real estate investing world. If you sit around waiting for the real estate market to be perfect with just the right interest rate and terms, you’ll miss the boat. It’s all about time in the market, not timing the market.

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Real Estate Investing is Risky

For as long as we can remember, the value of land has gone up. Only during busts and booms of, say, the gold rush, has the value of property plummeted. And, if you consider other investment types (such as stocks), they hold even more risk. Bricks and mortar are a tangible investment with a high return.


You Should Own Your Own Home Before Investing In Real Estate

While it’s true many people want to own their own home, owning their own home is not a prerequisite to real estate investing. In fact, many people purchase a rental property while renting their own place.


Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray are highly successful real estate investors who want to share their proven methods of real estate investing with you. Bust the real estate investing myths, and sign up for our free Masterclass today.

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