Stop Asking for Money…Do This Instead!

Stop Asking for Money Do This Instead

Scott here! You don’t have to be able to “afford” a property to be a real estate investor, you need to be able to come up with the cash.


Be an opportunity maker. Present the opportunities to the people who have the money.


If you can do this… money will find you.


A question I hear frequently is “How do I find the money to invest?”


By this point you should know the answer is “You borrow it.”


The next question is… “How do I get people to lend me money?”


Learn how you can STOP asking for money and START providing opportunities and solutions to the people who have it.


Watch the video below where I explain this strategy and walk through WHY you might want to start flipping houses, HOW you can make money doing so, WHO the key-players are, and more!



Check out the transcription of this video below!


Lots of people on here, similar situations. Um, do you think I can afford it? How can I afford it? If you find a solution, then you’re motivated enough.

It’s true. Listen, you don’t have to be able to afford a property to be a real estate investor. You need to be able to come up with the cash. So stop trying to, you know, ask people for money and beg people for money.

I’ll be teaching this in the Wealth Tour this spring. People don’t want to give money to people looking for money. It’s the most ridiculous thing. And I hear people coming through. You know, I see people coming through our training. They’re like, “I need some money. I’m looking for people with money.”

Stop saying that. You’ve got this whole thing backwards. I’m talking about opportunities. Go talk to the developers, go online and find the properties that are over 90 days. Start making a list of properties that have been on the market for 120 days or longer, and start showing those opportunities to people who have money so that you can show them how to make money.

If you show somebody how to make money, they’re probably going to give you cash to do it. If you ask somebody for money, they’re going to say no. Nobody wants to give money to someone looking for money. People want to give money to someone who’s got an opportunity.

So be an opportunity maker. Start being creative. Go out there, get yourself an agent in your market, make sure they understand real estate investing. And don’t take just their word for it. Do the math, run the cashflow.

If you can just, it doesn’t cost any money to be able to identify an investment property. And if you can identify an investment property and an opportunity. I can almost guarantee you, the money will find you and you will stop wasting your time, begging people for money. You don’t want to be that person.

You want to be the person who everyone says, Hey, you know what I should do. I should be investing with this person, investing with this person.


Note: This video was from 2019, the Wealth Tour has now been renamed to “Masterclass”. For more information on how to join the Masterclass with Scott, please contact Client Services at
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