How to Find Real Estate Investing Partners

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It helps to have joint venture partners on your real estate investing journey. Not only can you get involved in bigger deals sooner, but they also help to spread the risk. Keyspire offers the best real estate investing courses, which include modules and courses on finding real estate joint venture partners. Here are some great tips on how to find real estate investing JV partners below.


Ask Friends and Family

One of the best places to start to find real estate investing partners is your friends and family. Not only do you know these people, but you trust them, too.


Try a Real Estate Investing Club or Group

With the internet, odds are, you can find a real estate investing club or group in your area. Search social media sites to join groups like Keyspire’s Real Estate Millionaires, or ask other real estate investor proferssionals advice.


Ask Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents know a lot of real estate investors since they tend to work with many on real estate transactions. You can ask local real estate agents about their connections. Plus, many real estate agents are investors, too.



Another great tool for real estate investors is in-person meet up groups. Real estate investors like to get together to bounce idea’s back and forth, connect on common grounds, and talk shop. Joining in on these meetups is a great place to meet other investors looking for joint venture partners.


Keyspire’s real estate investing courses cover the ins and outs of real estate investing, including how to find joint venture partners. We offer a variety of networking opportunities and events, as well as private Facebook groups where you can connect with others. Our mission is to help you be successful, and oftentimes you’re more successful together. Learn more today.

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